February 1

The War


Once upon a time there was a dragon who lived on a mountain called the hollow with a bunch of other things like a witch, pegasus, unicorn, fairies, builders, where wolves, Singing trees and the mermaids that live in the pond. There was also a kingdom at the bottom of the mountain and they would send slaves up the mountain every day and they had to bring something back for the king. But up in the hollow they did not have a lot of flowers so they started bringing mythical animals back and keeping them as prisoners. But then all the living things started to get mad because they were taking their friends. So they started hiding everyday and the slaves never found them again. But then one day everyone forgot to hide so when the slave got to the top they tried to be his friend. After they became his friend they started having parties and playing around and they got more friends. But then the king started to get curious that the slaves were not coming back so one day he sent his best slave up there to spy on them. So after he spied for a long time he realized they were having a lot of fun. So he thought should I go have fun with them and let the king down or report to the king and still be his best guard. He chose having fun because he did not have fun since he was a little kid. So when he asked to be their friend they said yes in one condition if he could help get down to the kingdom and save their friends. So he made a blueprint of the kingdom and he put ways to sneak in. So once he finished he showed all the mythical creature and once everyone knew what they were doing the plan was a go. First the dragon flew over to see how many guards there were and then he reported back. So then the dragon flew in with the wolverine on his back and then the wolverine jumped off and took a guard out and then another and another until there was only two left and they were protecting the king. Then the unicorns ran in and took those last two guards out with their horns then they locked the king up in his own jail cell and they let all the prisoners free. Then when they all got back to the hollow. They had a victory dance but then out of nowhere a army of soldiers appeared. It looked they were gonna have to put up a fight so some of the builders built cannons some built walls and some made bombs to put in the field. What you all know as the hollow turned into a battlefield and they were winning. But more and more people kept coming so they fired their cannons and they wiped out a whole wave of soldiers But then the soldiers must have helped the king escape because out of nowhere a giant robot with the king inside came with all sorts of weapons on it. So they put the builders to work they all made their own robot and they built a bigger wall. So what was the king gonna do all are robots charged but they got stuck in a force field so the builders jumped out of the robots and ran back to their kingdom. After the builders got back the king took the forcefield off and their men got in them. Then  the wolverine started to get really mad so he ran up and tore all of the robots down including the kings robot. Then the dragon came and blew fire on the rest of the soldiers and they never saw a single soldier again. Then they started fixing up the hollow they planted lots of trees lots of flowers and lots of bombs to make sure no one would ever get in again and no one ever did. But just to make sure they didn’t they got a dragon to guard the entrance everyday.

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5 thoughts on “The War

  1. harrelw939

    Wow great post.I like were they had a victory dance but then guards came out of nowhere.I wonder if you will do another one like this is was really good.I hope you do.

  2. duncanw985

    I like how you made the story have a dragon

    I wonder if you are going to make a part two

    I wish you made it shorter

  3. oppel48c

    Hi braxton I’m Gavin. I really like the story my favourite part was when the dragon took out the rest of the soldiers. I wish you would have put a part for the witch. I wonder if you are going to make a part to or something like that. I’m from blue ball mr.arena class. come visit my blog at http://blog.elanco.org/oppel48c/


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