Harpel/Do you think its important to help people escaping war or environmental disaster

It all depends on what kind of person you are. If your a kind person then yes it is but of your not a kind person then no its not. It also depends if your brave. You have to be brave to rescue kids because if you get caught you will probably be killed.

It also depends if your are smart. lets say you have to find a escape root for the kids and if it wasn’t a smart root then if the kids get caught then there will probably be killed. It also depends if your are committed. Lets say you have to find places for the kids to live you also have to find how to get them to a safe area but your not that committed then its nor important to you to rescue kids.

Important to help others/Reintjes M

I think its important to help people because I would rather nice to other people then be rude.   This world could use more people that care.  This world has 65.3 million refuges people need to go save all them.  This world needs less people that hate other people.  This world could use less war and battle.  I think I should go help others some day and get them out of wars and disasters.

Torres- Do you think it’s important to help people who are escaping war or environmental disasters? Why?

Do you think it’s important to help people escaping war or environmental disasters?   It is important to help others that are escaping war or environmental disaster because we could help them and we could take care of them. We could take care of them by taking them in your hous, and feeding them, teaching them and take gd care of them till they get a job and the money to live on their own again. We could also let them live with us if people wanted them to.

bryson please write about a specfic person in your life you would like to help.

my dad helps me.me helps me out when i need help. yesterday day  was short on some money and he helped me by giving me some more money.today my dad is going to help me by telling how to put back a car.he tells me and helps me by telling me stuff and showing me stuff that i do not know.he shows me how to do things that i do not know.he will get me stuff tare apart.

CRUZ/ war or environmental disaster

I would help people in in a war because it would help them in life. If i was in a war and i had to help people i would fite with the people that are fitting in the war. I would help people get to safety and get them food and water. If they where hert i would pick them up and cary  them to safety and get them help.

If i was still fitting i would fite until i was dead or when the war ended. I would like to help the people that are in trobel. I would save them and get them the help they nead to survive . This is why i would like to help people that are in a war.

Someone Helping You Out-Parmer

I have had help from my friend Galexia Pizarro. She has helped me so much she treats me like I am her sister. I love that Galexia has helped me so much that I just want to hive her 1 million Christmas/Birthday presents. That’s why I have to help my friend Galexia whenever she needs help.

Next, whenever Galexia helps me I always give her a nice big huge because she always helps me and then i help her. Next, whenever I help Galexia she reminds me of when my 3 year old brother was born I would always help my mom with him and now when Galexia helps me it’s like I am my 3 year old brother and Galexia is me. Last, this is why I need to help Galexia whenever she helps me out.

A person who helped me/PerriG

A important person in my life that helped through a lot was my father. He helped me understand problems better. He also showed me how to skate which saved my life not even kidding. My dad was there for me when I needed someone to pick me up on short notice. My father also help me see how to be a good person. My father also taught me don’t judge other people its not right my dad also goes with the flow with things. I think its amazing how much my dad has indored in his life too. There was a lot that happened to him and he still doesn’t stop trucking along its amazing. I remember when i was little my dad took to this place behind a grocery store and showed me how to roll in I was about 6. My dad had an amazing impacted on my life.

harpel/ please right about a specific time someone helped you

My mom helped me. My mom helped me the second half of the school year last year. I started cyber school (I DON’T RECOMMEND IT) and i was doing good until my teacher started to interrupt me when i was doing my work. Every time i was doing my work the teacher would come in and talk to me about none school activities and then later call my mom and tell her that i didn’t get any work done for the day.

So that went on for about the rest of the school year. So by the time the school year was over i was really behind in my school work. i was so behind in school work that i ended up failing to of my classes math and science. so that is why i am back this school year.

Someone who helped me-Leicy

I remember a time where somebody helped me. It was in 7th grade and i was in math class. The teacher saw that i was struggling on a paper so he helped me. Then after class he told me to stay after class so he could help me.  Then he did help me and i understood what i was doing. Then i started to come over to his class everyday to get help. I started to get a little better at math. All because of a teacher that wanted to help me.

Dissinger-Escaping War and Disasters

I do think it is important to help people that are refugees. So many people are having a war that is happening were they live. People are trying to go away from the situation but some of them don’t make it. So I think its important to help others because everyone deserves to be helped. There are terrorists groups that are blowing up schools and kids need to learn and they cant get an education when schools are being blown up. Some of the stores are being blown up being they can eat anything so then they would die. So I think that people should help others to live. I think that people should actually care about others and not just themselves.  So again yes I think everyone should help anyone that needs help. Everyone was brought into this world for a reason. So refugees should be helped so then they can go to school, eat and live, and get a job and so much more.