a specific person i your life you would like to help/ Cruz

I would like to help the people in portareacoe. In portareacoe some of the clean water is not getting to portareacoe. some of the water is at the air port. That water is getting old and nasty.

So this lady is trying to get the water to prtarecoe. I think that is very nice . So the lady is trying to get people in the world to help with her project. If i was there with her i would help to




escaping war and disasters-Leicy

I do think it is important to help refugees. I think that because what if you were a refugee and you left all your things behind. You would want people to help you. So that is why i think it is important to help other refugees. For example, what if the whether people said that a category 4 tornado just touched down and you figured out that your house and everything you loved was in the path of the tornado. You wouldn’t have that much time to leave so you have to leave all of your stuff behind. So you leave and when you came back to your home noting was left. Now would you want people to help you until you have enough stuff to go on your own? I know i would.

Escaping wars and disasters-Blessing

Do you think its important to help people escaping war or environmental disaster, Yes I do. there are people in the world living right outside of a war zone. When they want to escape they have to run for a long time find a boat and they have to travel for a really long time. When they try to leave they could get shot. if people make it to get on a boat they might drown if their boat sinks. They could get lost and stranded out in the ocean. or they might get no water and get dehydrated and get really sick and die.

Some one help you/ Cris Roman.

Theres so many people that help me all this school year for example, Mr. Fenimore he has been there for me in bad moments and on bad moments. I lear from him to never give up just keep trying. He is always makig me work hard and I understand why he does that. He dosent hate me he loves me its just he wants me to be ready for high school.

One of my bestfriend is Gabriel but every body calls her gabby. She have been there for me in science. She always there when I am mad she always tells me to listen to music or draw something. Shes the reason i am here in school because i dont like to come to school and she motivate me . Jessmanuel is one person i care like my brother. I always help him and he help me we understand each other.

Shaffner, Someone I want to help

I would like to help my baby sister. I would like to help her because she is little she still needs to learn. She is in kindergarten. She is just learning her a.b.c’s and is learning numbers. That’s why I want to help her.

The way I could help is read books to her. Then let her read to me or someone else. I can help with numbers by giving her 1+1 math problems and show her how to do it. I can also count to 1-10 with her.

Escaping war and Disasters/Taylor

I think it is important to help people that are stuck in a war or environmental disaster. I think its in portent because if there is a war close to them or environmental  disaster mint get stuck in it and probel die. And the people that get stuck ma not live in a plays were they have car may not be able to escape. Wen its happens then a lot of  buildings are going to be destroy.

Wen its is done there houses will destroyed they may not have a roof to sleep under. Wen that happens there mint not able to get water or food.  Many people that are sick or hart may not find a way to find med sin or get there injures pach up. So i think its in portent to save as many people as possible.

Escaping war or enviromental disaster/PerriG

I know its important for people to escape war and natural disaster. There are 65.5 million refugees in the untied nationals now that sounds like a big number but really its not. Most of those refugees I promise are not split up evenly to other country’s. I believe if we could divide up the refugees with certain countries they could fit in more and be more comfortable without feeling pushed on one area.