Escaping war and Disasters/Taylor

I think it is important to help people that are stuck in a war or environmental disaster. I think its in portent because if there is a war close to them or environmental  disaster mint get stuck in it and probel die. And the people that get stuck ma not live in a plays were they have car may not be able to escape. Wen its happens then a lot of  buildings are going to be destroy.

Wen its is done there houses will destroyed they may not have a roof to sleep under. Wen that happens there mint not able to get water or food.  Many people that are sick or hart may not find a way to find med sin or get there injures pach up. So i think its in portent to save as many people as possible.

specific time someone helped me/Taylor

my mom help me a lot with a lot of stuff. she help me all throw the week. she drive me to all my sports all throw the year she takes me eney wear i need to go. she helps me with school and my home work she make shire i get done.

she help me with same think that i cant do. Then that terns in to a big thing. im not vary good at helping people. but i like to chri to help but i ame getting the most help wen i do things and ilke wne people help my but i sill wish could. This is a time wen some one help me.