Some one help you/ Cris Roman.

Theres so many people that help me all this school year for example, Mr. Fenimore he has been there for me in bad moments and on bad moments. I lear from him to never give up just keep trying. He is always makig me work hard and I understand why he does that. He dosent hate me he loves me its just he wants me to be ready for high school.

One of my bestfriend is Gabriel but every body calls her gabby. She have been there for me in science. She always there when I am mad she always tells me to listen to music or draw something. Shes the reason i am here in school because i dont like to come to school and she motivate me . Jessmanuel is one person i care like my brother. I always help him and he help me we understand each other.

I would like to help/ Cris Roman.

I would like to help this perosn important in my life hes my mom. I wanna work hard in school and show her and make her proud of me. My mom has always been there for me even know I  havent see her for 2 years. I got another brother hes older than me  hes 15. He wanna go to the army and he has been studying since he was 14. Mom is proud of us because i told her i wanna be a cop. When i am with my mom i told he that i will do everything i can to help her. I will work and study at the same time. I told my mo  that when i start playing basketball i will put the number 37 to honnor of my uncle who  died. My mom is married to a police and he told me he will help me too.

C.Roman- PromptBrainstorming

  My uncle, before he died he told me to take care of the family and my self because in this world nobody wanna be friends for ever. He told me that he will take care of me from heaven but he wanna see me be a successful student. I promise him i will and he told me that one day we will see each other. He was so good with kids he always have surprise for use. He had 2 kids but  he always say that I was like his son. He show me how to drive, cook, How to play basketball, he always came home and ask how is every body how was our day, And he always be there for my grandmother. He always see someone sad he try to make them smile with a joke. He always check my grades and he would start making me study if he see I got a bad grade in a class. He was always there for me no matter what. He took me to the river every weekend or to play basketball hes the reason why I wanna play basketball.