Escaping war or enviromental disaster/PerriG

I know its important for people to escape war and natural disaster. There are 65.5 million refugees in the untied nationals now that sounds like a big number but really its not. Most of those refugees I promise are not split up evenly to other country’s. I believe if we could divide up the refugees with certain countries they could fit in more and be more comfortable without feeling pushed on one area.

A person who helped me/PerriG

A important person in my life that helped through a lot was my father. He helped me understand problems better. He also showed me how to skate which saved my life not even kidding. My dad was there for me when I needed someone to pick me up on short notice. My father also help me see how to be a good person. My father also taught me don’t judge other people its not right my dad also goes with the flow with things. I think its amazing how much my dad has indored in his life too. There was a lot that happened to him and he still doesn’t stop trucking along its amazing. I remember when i was little my dad took to this place behind a grocery store and showed me how to roll in I was about 6. My dad had an amazing impacted on my life.

Perri prompt-brainstorming

The person I respect and taught me things is my mother. My mother has been there when no one else was. My mother is an amazing woman and an even better mom. My mom is my hero. My mother is my hero because she listens to me. She helps me rationalize my angry and shows me should I really get angry about it. My mother is an amazing woman she has done so much for me. I love my mother she has put cloths on my back. I love her also because she has given me love and proved me shelter. She shows me love meĀ  by talking to me about her problems and me talking to her about mine. My mother can balance me out and loves me.