escaping war and disasters-Leicy

I do think it is important to help refugees. I think that because what if you were a refugee and you left all your things behind. You would want people to help you. So that is why i think it is important to help other refugees. For example, what if the whether people said that a category 4 tornado just touched down and you figured out that your house and everything you loved was in the path of the tornado. You wouldn’t have that much time to leave so you have to leave all of your stuff behind. So you leave and when you came back to your home noting was left. Now would you want people to help you until you have enough stuff to go on your own? I know i would.

Someone who helped me-Leicy

I remember a time where somebody helped me. It was in 7th grade and i was in math class. The teacher saw that i was struggling on a paper so he helped me. Then after class he told me to stay after class so he could help me.  Then he did help me and i understood what i was doing. Then i started to come over to his class everyday to get help. I started to get a little better at math. All because of a teacher that wanted to help me.