a specific person i your life you would like to help/ Cruz

I would like to help the people in portareacoe. In portareacoe some of the clean water is not getting to portareacoe. some of the water is at the air port. That water is getting old and nasty.

So this lady is trying to get the water to prtarecoe. I think that is very nice . So the lady is trying to get people in the world to help with her project. If i was there with her i would help to




CRUZ/ war or environmental disaster

I would help people in in a war because it would help them in life. If i was in a war and i had to help people i would fite with the people that are fitting in the war. I would help people get to safety and get them food and water. If they where hert i would pick them up and cary  them to safety and get them help.

If i was still fitting i would fite until i was dead or when the war ended. I would like to help the people that are in trobel. I would save them and get them the help they nead to survive . This is why i would like to help people that are in a war.

Cruz/ A pecific time someone held you

My mom and dad help me. my mom and dad make me into the person i am today. They help me how to do things cretly. My dad tells me how to work the tools and what the names are to.

My mom likes to help me do chores around the house. My mom is a grate person, She shoes me how to do the dishes  and londgry. That is why my mom is a grate person.



Mis. O has helped me in life throw 7th and 8th grad and she is like my school mom. Mis. O helps me with my school work and helps me with problems at home or at school. Mis. O is kind, pashent, protective with people some times mis. o would stay after school and help me with class work. Mis. O treats everyone with kindness and some kids get on mis. o nerves and she gets frustrated with people. If i try to get in a fight with another student she will try to tell me not to do it. when i can’t open my locker she comes and helps me and i thank her for that and