Escaping wars and disasters-Blessing

Do you think its important to help people escaping war or environmental disaster, Yes I do. there are people in the world living right outside of a war zone. When they want to escape they have to run for a long time find a boat and they have to travel for a really long time. When they try to leave they could get shot. if people make it to get on a boat they might drown if their boat sinks. They could get lost and stranded out in the ocean. or they might get no water and get dehydrated and get really sick and die.

a person in your life you would like to help-Blessing

A person that i would like to help would be my mother. sometimes I give my mom a hard time. sometime in the morning i dont really wake up then she has to get up to wake me up. when she says clean my room i kinda ignore her sometime.


i want to help my mom by doing what she says and not get her mad.I dont like it when my mom gets mad at me cause it kind of gets me mad then i cant focus for the rest of the day.I will try to help my mom with anything if its to walk the dogs i will if she wants to just general stuff ill do it.

Blessing – PromptBrainstorming

My Mentor is my father, he has taught me a lot of things that will helpful for the future. My father keeps teaching me everyday on how to be a responsible adult in the future. He is a also a very smart man, whenever I have a question about anything. If its about my future or how to do things like taxes or how to buy a house just genreally everything I need to know.