Unexpected summer


   SummerBy: Justin and Logan

One day it was the very last day of school.  Jack and his friend Fred were headed for social studies when they heard Boom! Jack said what was that. Then fred said I don’t know. The teachers said Go home school is over!. And then Jack and Fred. Went home and Jack said what do you think. Happened at school and then Fred said. I don’t know and Jack said let’s do something crazy and Fred said what kind of crazy. And then Jack said just trust me and then one night Jack said lets sneak into school. And then Fred said ARE YOU CRAZY!!! And then Jack said yeah lets go and then Fred and Jack went to school. One night and then they saw the Janitor and the principle talking. And then they opened the window a bit and then they heard the principle. Say make sure no one knows about what is downstairs. And then the Janitor said ok and then later that night. The Janitor locked a door marked don’t go -in and then he left and then Jack said let’s go in and then Fred said ARE YOU NUTS!!! and then Jack said yes and they went to the door and then Fred said. It is locked let’s go home now and Jack said wait and then Jack pulled out a pocket knife. That his dad gave him before he died in the army and Jack picked the lock with the pocket knife. And then it opens and then they said WHAT THE HECK!! And then they saw a piece of steak but then when they went closer. They found out it was a heart. and then they saw a recorder and then. It said well well well you have found the secret room Jack and Fred and then Fred.Said how does he know our name and then Jack said it is a trap and then when Jack tried to get out the door it was locked and then the recorder. Said that is right Jack it is a trap. And  then the door opens and then the principle said well well well look who we have here Jack and fred and then Fred said we will tell the school board about you and then the principle said the school board who says you will make it there and then fred said what do you mean not make it there then the principle. Said who knows a accident can happen and then Jack went behind the principle when he was talking to Fred and then he found a steel pipe. and then hit the principle in the head And then they rn home and then the next day Jack said to fred what do you want to do then Jack said idk should we hang out at my house. And then Fred said sure and then they were in Jack’s room and then they were playing Fortnite. It was a 1v1 and then Jacks mom said boys come downstairs. And then they said fiiiiine and then next thing you know they went downstairs. And found  to be continued.

See think wonder


Name: Justin


Expedition Name Text Title
Yosemite national park   Home letter from yosemite


What do you SEE?

(Describe what you see using WOW words)

I saw a huge mountain it looked awesome I think that was the coolest thing on that expedition  

What do you THINK?

(As you are experiencing VR tell your audience in detail what you are thinking using sequence words. First, Next, Last)

First I saw a waterfall and next I saw a huge mountain and Last I saw people make it to the top of the mountain

What do you WONDER?

(During your expedition what are you wondering about? What questions come to your mind?)

What if you go to the tip top of the mountain

Adapted from Veronica Vox Mansilla @ProjectZeroHGSE


Text Connections


What did you SEE in the Expedition that you can CONNECT to the text?

(Be sure to cite specific examples from the expedition and the text)

Mountains and waterfalls

How do you THINK the Expedition enhanced your understanding of the text?

(Be sure to use evidence from the text to support your response)

Realy realy good

What do you still WONDER after experiencing the Expedition and reading the text?

(Write a reflection to extend your thinking i.e. What are you still curious about? What more do you want to know?)

What would happen if you went on the tip top of the mountain


the invatation

The sledding invitation

Dear sam and Joseph


We are throwing a sled party we are going to sled in the snow and we were wondering if you would like to come to taste winter.


The date is january 12 2017


1275 austin street please rsvp by the 12th the 4th house down on the right.



Lila and Justin


the friendly letter

Dear Mr Arena

We wanted to write this letter to you because you are one of our favorite teachers. You let us do brain breaks. You like the Eagles, phillies,  the 76ers, and the flyers which we like them too And you have a alligator hand and you let us do virtual reality. And you give us candy during tests


From your new students

Justin and Caden

the imaginative story

The imaginative

One day after school I went to my friends house while I was their something jumped out of the closet. me and samantha had no idea what it was then it chased us out of her room we quickly told her mom. but she did not believe us. So then we went back up into her room and there was nothing in their. So we were so surprised that their was nothing there so then we decided to listen to music and we started dancing. and then there it was again it chased us right back out it was like I didn’t want us in her room. so then we helped the cubs out and then the lion showed up again and saw us trying to help it. so then it was being really nice but then we almost dropped one of the cubs and then that is when she got frisky she chased us right out of the room all over again so  samantha  told me to run so we ran out of the room and we ran downstairs told samanthas mom and her mom came up and looked in her room  and she saw the animal with her cubs  and she finally believed us and her mom and  had no words to say.she was so surprised so then the animal just disappeared and so we went down stairs to look at the time.it was nine o’clock at night and it turned out I was having a sleepover. So we were both so excited that I had packed a bag in case I had a sleepover.so we got in our pajamas on so that way we could watch a scary movie.but while we were watching the movie the animal came downstairs with all her cubs we were so excited  that  all her cubs had been born so  we raised

Them and took care of them. Samanthas mom didn’t care at all that we took care of them and we had a happy life.                             

                                      By Lila and Justin

red ribbon week

 the school news

This week we are doing red ribbon week to stop people from doing drugs monday we wore red tuesday. We were wearing our shirt back words.so people who are doing drugs and seeing us doing and then they ask us and then we tell them and then they will stop doing drugs and some were in their teens. Doing drugs that is really sad cause they died doing drugs they did not get to live their whole life and is sad because my mom’s brother josh was doing drugs for a little bit then  stopped. Then he started doing them again me and my sister ella never got to meet him cause he died. When he was only 19 years old that is really sad that is why we are doing red ribbon week so us kids and parents and others to help prevent drugs from happening that is our school news article.                               By Lila and Justin

the dragon egg

One day my friend gave me a weird looking egg it looked like a green rotten egg

It smelled like a rotten egg too i wondered what was in it so i went to my friends

House he didn’t know what kind of egg was it he thought it was a old chicken.

Egg but then the egg hatched it was a dragon egg so then we hid it from my

Parents but we did not know what to feed it but then my sister walked in she

Said what’s in the box I said nothing then she peeked in the box she said is

that a dragon egg i said no but then she was going to tell their mom but he

Said i will give you 5 bucks so she said fine but then their dad came up stairs

And she stalled and then he said dinner’s ready after dinner they went up stairs.

And then my mom came up stairs then my mom saw the dragon then she said

You know you have to make it fly away but they did the right thing the end

By Justin

the myth

   The myth

Long ago, on this weird day the sky was gray  then it started snowing raining sleeting

Raining. Then somebody realised that the seasons were mixed together everybody else was inside. So the man went and knocked on every body’s door and they told them to knock on everybody’s door and he told them why and he said because the seasons are mixed together.people did what they were told and went off and knocked on everybody’s door and told them that the seasons are mixed together.so they all went to town to get stuff to be prepared for the  bad weather that is on it’s way so they went back to their home got prepared for everything that happen so they were ready even the man that wahrend happening a bunch of windows cracked and so they had to get new ones then the storm stopped and everything was broken so then the man told everybody it was safe to come out.so they came out to see everything and the people were so surprised for what happened to all the stuff.so they saved up money so they can fix everything.for what happened during the storm they were really sad because some of the people died during the storm because the windows cracked and it was really cold and they got really bad frost bites.so the seasons were still mixed and their was going to be another storm on the way except it was a tornadoe.nobody knew their was going to be a storm not even the man but all the people were outside and they saw dark clouds. So they all went inside and got ready for the storm but the one family knew they were going  to be okay so the storm came and it blew everything and the family  that they were going to be fine.but the biggest gust of wind came by and blew their house down so when they got up they were freezing cold so they tried to go to another person’s house to see if they could stay.so they went to someone’s house and they went to another house asked if we could stay and they said yes and they asked why and we told them why so they got to stay.so we went inside to stay warm so they didn’t freeze. When they got inside they started making hot Chocolate then every body was fine and they fixed everything the season’s were back to normal nothing was mixed and they lived happily ever after.

                    By Lila and Justin