McDonalds VS Burger King

McDonald’s VS Burger King
Two popular fast food chains pit up against each other this is _blank VS _blank now let’s get into it first Mcdonald’s was first founded in 1955 in San Bernardino,CA and McDonald’s first food option was the Hamburger, and in 1955 that was only 15 cents McDonald’s was founded by Maurice McDonald, and Richard Mcdonald, but now we will get to Burger King Burger King was first founded in 1954 just one year before McDonald’s and the founders of Burger King is James McLamore, and David Edgerton,
But yeah they are both really good fast food companies tell me which one is your favorite me personally I like Mcdonalds better but let me know your opinions in the comments bye

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The Theme of Cinderella

The Theme of cinderella is don’t be mean mean because it will come back to haunt you in the movie cinderella has these evil step sisters who want to marry this prince and they out cinderella to do all of their chores and when the 3 step sisters go to a ball cinderella gets a magic fairy godmother and then cinderella grants some wishes and then she gets a carriage a dress and then she shows up to the ball and then the prince sees her and then cinderella lost a glass slipper and then the prince was determined to find whos glass slipper that was and then when the prince found out whos glass slipper that was he said do you want to marry me and then cinderella said yes and that is basically the theme of cinderella don’t be mean because it will come back to haunt you by.Justin