How to paint/hand paint by Wynter and Tyler.

   Brush painting 🙂

        Things you will need:

        Brushes, yellow and blue paint. ( Needed for ocean scene) and other colors for decorations.and Canvas or paper water and a container to put your paint in 🙂 Steps: 1 place your canvas or paper on a hard surface 2 sketch your design on your canvas or paper. 3 put a little bit of paint in your container. 4 dip your brush in your paint. 5 Have fun and paint! 🙂    

Hand painting (Painting with your hands)

Essential Materials Hands, Acrylic Paint, And Construction paper because it will

go through normal paper.

free paint you can do whatever you want. Steps to do it. Step 1. Find some paint that you know you’re aloud to use. Step 2. Find some construction paper. Step 3. Get the paint on your hand/hands. Step 4 put your hands on the construction paper/canvas and then PAINT. 🙂 🙂 🙂

how the animal kingdom came to be

Long, long ago about a billion years ago, there were 4 leaders and each leader ruled a part of where animals lived.

Hope, the female dolphin, rules over all the sea creatures in the sea.

Sugar,the female horse, rules over all the Mammals and Reptiles that live on land.

Moana, the female eagle, rules over all birds and bugs that can  fly in  the air.

Weasley, the male lion rules over everything including Hope,Sugar, and Moana. The king lion would always decides what is best for all the animals.

One day Hope had a really, really good idea! It was so awesome! Her idea was to make an Animal Kingdom. So she called Sugar and told her the idea.

Hope said,  “I think we should make an  Animal Kingdom.” Sugar said, “That is a great idea! Let’s ask Moana and see if she likes your idea.”


So they called Moana to come over to the border of the water and land. Once Moana got there, Hope said, “I have a really good idea!”

Moana asked, “What is the idea?”

Then Hope explained,  “We should make an animal kingdom.”

Moana said, “I do not want to do it.”  She crossed her wings and made a mean face at Hope and Sugar.

The other two girls looked at each other and then asked, “Well, why not?”

Moana squawked, “Because!”

Then Hope and Sugar slowly said,  “Let’s go ask Weasley and see if he will like our idea.”

Moana whined, “Do I have to go with you?”

Hope said, “Yes!”

So when they got there, Hope and Sugar asked Weasley “Do you think making the animal kingdom is a good idea?”

Then Weasley replied, “Do you think it is a good idea, Hope and Sugar?”

They both said, “Yes we do think it is a good idea!”

Then he asked Moana, “Do you think it is a good idea?”

Moana said, “I do not think it is a good idea.”

Then Weasley asked her, “Why do you think it is not a good idea?”

Moana replied, “The reason why I think it is not good idea is because I do want my people (birds and bugs) to fall into the water and get hurt.”

Weasley told her, “We will still have the same boundaries, right?” He looked at Hope and Sugar as he said this.  

“Yes, we would,” said Hope.

Then Moana said, “Now I do want to make the animal kingdom.”

So they all agreed that they should have an animal kingdom. The animal kingdom keeps the peace to this day.

That is how the animal kingdom came to be.

Gandhi essay

   Gandhi is a non-violent indian who wanted to change the world for the better. He did this by doing nonviolent protests against the unfair indian laws and kind acts. He did this all in a peaceful way.    


 One peaceful non-violent protest that Gandhi did was the great salt march of 1930. The reason why he did this is because the British but a tax on salt ( India was under British rule at the time ) and it was illegal for Indians to  make, collect ,or sell their own salt and they had to buy it from the British. So Gandhi did a salt march.He only started off with only 78 people and by the end of the salt march thousands more joined him. This was a 241 mile long journey across western India by foot which took about a month to get to their destination. Once they got there all Gandhi did was pick up a handful of salt and at a word or command scores of native police attacked them. None of the marchers even raised an arm to fend the blows. Soon after the salt march gandhi got arrested.      


 One kind act that Gandhi did was he helped the untouchables. The untouchables were a group in india who was super poor. They were poorest people in india and no one would help them except for Gandhi.  He would walk to where they lived and help them. He also opened his house for the untouchables. Other people didn’t like that he was helping the untouchables. The reason why they are called the untouchables is because no one wanted to help them and they were the poorest people in india. People questioned why gandhi was helping them.  


 After this you can see that Gandhi is a peaceful , non-violent leader who doesn’t give up and doesn’t stop trying , and also changed the world for the better.      

The Unicorn Mystery Part 2!

so Dawn,Twilight and Gigit  where still trapped in the with there mom! No hunters where around so they saw the key to open the cage! because Dawn had the longest horn, they had Dawn get the keys with her horn. Once they got the keys they opened the cage! Now they had to figure out how to get out without being spotted by the unicorn hunters. Gigit had an idea! they would walk along the wall painted like the wall so they wouldn’t get seen. so there mom painted all of the unicorns and then she painted herself. than they walked out of the cage looking like the wall. than they slowly walked along the wall until they got out side.Then they got home and lived happily ever after.

The Adventures of Luna and Bella part 1

Bella:on May 7th i was playing with my sister Luna and around 5:00 some people came and they played with one of my owners witch i guess are the around the same age.then they brought out this cardboard box and put me and Luna in it! we tried to get out but, this boy kept putting us back in! Finally we got to our new home! Luna: when we got home me and Bella  played A LOT. We wanted to go behind the couch but they blocked if off so we couldn’t go behind the couch. They end

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The Unicorn Mystery! Part 1

One day there where 3 unicorns named Dawn,Twilight and Gigit. On 7/11/2222 9:33 A.M(July 11th 2222 9:33 A.M) Dawn, Twilight and Gigit lost there parents. They searched everywhere they could. Up in trees down in caves. They searched every where and still couldn’t find there parents! Then they saw the lost temple of the unicorn, this was where unicorns got taken too if they got taken by unicorn hunters. Then they heard unicorn hunters talking about there parents being in the lost temple of the unicorn. So they tried to get in to the lost temple of the unicorn. They did! They tried getting there parents but a unicorn hunter saw them and put them in a cage and….To be continued.

Stay tuned for part 2 to see if  dawn, twilight and gigit  get out of the cage and get there parents:) Bye!

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The dolphin in the hat

It was a rainy day oh it was i sat next to Ashlyn  . we where stuck in the house not able to play and then we heard out the door a stomp coming in to the house and then the door opened and then came in the dolphin in the hat. Ill show you a trick said the dolphin in the hat and she showed us how she could balance on a ball and hold a umbrella a stick and a fish. look at me said the dolphin in the hat. NO NO NO NO DON’T DO THAT YOU’LL BREAK A THING OR 2 PLEASE GET OFF BEFORE YOU FALL ON YOUR SHOE. Said Wynter worried. No no no it will be fine said the dolphin in the hat. After that the dolphin in the hat fell down and broke There moms vase table and bed. Wow what a mess you made that we have to clean said Wynter as the dolphin in the hat left. Then the dolphin in the hat came back and cleaned up the mess.      THE END

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The day me and my brother swapped lives

The day me and my brother swapped lives.   One day me and my brother Gavin went to play Minecraft on the PS4 and then when we picked up the controllers we swapped lives.And is was really weird at first but we got use to it after a while “when can we change back”? Gavin said. “i don’t know, maybe we need to go to The land of the unicorns and ride the unicorns to change back” Wynter said “ok how far away is it”? Said Gavin “i’m not sure i heard it is REALLY far away” Wynter said. Then they went off to The land of the unicorns.                

     When they got to the land of the unicorns they tried to ride the unicorns but it was too hard because the unicorns did not want to be ridin. “Why are these unicorns so hard to ride” said Gavin  “I don’t know” said Wynter. Then all the sudden a unicorn started to sing “pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows” Gavin and Wynter started to laugh so hard because they never heard a unicorn sing before.Then Wynter finally got on a unicorn and let Gavin on the unicorn and they were in their own lives again

      And when the got home they played Minecraft and went swimming. Then they went to skyzone and ate lunch.After that they went to bed. That was the day when me and my brother swapped lives.

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My Weekend

On Sunday my dad supersized me and my brother Gavin by going to my cousins house. We celebrated my brothers 13th birthday with cake and ice cream and also played with my cousin. We played on a dance mat that was 8 years old and my brother got a new amp for his guitar it was so fun! After that my cousin showed us her hover bored and my brother even tried it! Then we went home and watched Netflix.

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