Why or why not people should read Bridge to Terabithia

These past few weeks we have been reading Bridge to Terabithia. This book is full of laughter, and joy. The book is about two people who are quite different but become friends and create a secret place for themselves. The book is all about the two kids having fun until at the end a tragedy happens. After the tragedy happens the characters have to accept what happened and get over the sadness.

I think people should read Bridge to Terabithia. The reason I think this is because, when you start to read the book it seems like any other book and kinda boring. A little into the book it starts to get interesting, they get revenge on a bully, hang out in Terabithia, get each other christmas gifts, and go to church with each other during easter. Here and there the book gets more and more interesting, and then one of the kids goes to D.C. with a teacher and something bad happens. The reason the story ends so well is because it has such a big plot twist only a few people would expect. Once the tragedy happens the characters are devastated and have to get move on. Then finally Terabithia is passed on to a younger sibling hopefully to be passed on again and again.

That’s why I think people should read Bridge to Terabithia.

How competitive am I?

For the question how competitive am I, I think I am very competitive. I wouldn’t say I’m as much as a sore loser, but when I lose I get mad. If I play a game I have to give my all or it’s nothing, so when I’m not feeling up to it I just sit out. When I win a game I jump up and down so happy laughing at other players and bragging, which I know is not nice buts it’s just how I am when it comes to competitions. So in conclusion of the question how competitive am I, I am very competitive.

My New Year Resolutions

For 2020 I have a few resolutions, my first new year resolution is to get better at softball. I want to be a better batter and be able to actually hit the ball. I want to be able to hit a ball and get a home run during one of our games. I also want to be a better catcher and be able to get more people out when they are trying to run to the home plate.

My second new year resolution is to keep up my grades in school. I want my grades on test to be better and closer to all the points if not all the points. I also want to keep my A in math. I want my IXL scores to be either an A or B so 90% or 80%. I want my ELA score to be an A.


Pick a fairy tale and and write a new ending for it. (Red Riding Hood)

After Red Riding Hood got to her granny’s she saw her granny but it didn’t look like her she had big pointy teeth big ears and a snout.Red thought it was weird so she said “Granny what big nose you have”, “What large ears you have”, “What happened to your teeth there so big”.Granny said “Oh dear Red your here,No worry about my ears nose and teeth you must be seeing things but come come sit down, what have you brung me today dear”.Red started pulling bread out  of her basket and she heard a thud in the closet.She ran over to the closet to see her granny tied up turns out the wolf was pretending to be her granny and he was saving her granny for dinner that night and Red was gonna be lunch.Red quickly grabbed her granny and her hood and ran all the way home with the wolf chasing her but when she got home she came out with a shovel and threatened to hit the wolf if he didnt leave now, the wolf then left and red and her granny never saw the wolf again, nor did they hear anything about a wolf terrorizing the village, the wolf must’ve just completely disappeared.But Red was still worried even tho they never heard anything about him or saw him ever again.

Trout in the classroom

We have had the trout for about 2 months now when we first got the trout there was 35 and no our trout count is still 35!! yay!!!It’s exciting learning all new things about the trout we learned that the trouts parr marks help us tell them apart,we also learned that the bigger ones are more aggressive then the ones in the middle and at the bottom,another thing we learned is that some trout don’t stay with their behavior when their let back into the stream like the bigger trout that it at the top in a tank normal don’t stay at the top in the stream so that way they don’t get eaten by birds hawks anything that will swoop down and eat them instead they will go to the bottom of the stream and hide until dark then they go up to the top of the stream at night and they eat the bugs.

A Sick Dog

Once upon a time there lived a dog her mom died from a sickness a very bad sickness called menior sickness it was weeks after the little dog was born and her dad died in france because he was very badly hurt because he fell off a gigantic wall it was very sad but now the little pup is on her own she lives with a very old lady then all of a sudden the dog starts acting weird and the old lady takes her to the vet and then 2 weeks later the old lady found out she had menior sickness the same sickness her mom died with the little pup was sad.but after weeks of care and help the menior sickness was gone and the little pup was back to normal.The End.

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