March 20

Bridge to Terabithia: Is it good or not?

Bridge to Terabithia was an alright book. It certainly wasn’t action packed. Well first of all it’s about a kid named Jess who’s in fifth grade. He wants to be the fastest kid in fifth grade. A new kid moves in named Lessile. She beats Jess in the race, they meet after school and create terabithia. Terabithia is a magical land that Jess and Lessile rule over. The best chapter is the last chapter but I won’t spoil that.


Bridge to Terabithia takes a while to get into it starts off very slow but later on gets good. I feel like some characters should have been used more, like Jess’s mother or father. Or Lessile’s mother. However it does have a pretty straight forward story. The story isn’t complicated you always know what is happening. Over all I do recommend the book but don’t go looking for an action packed book, and the ending is so good you might just want to read it for the ending. 

January 3

Plans For 2020

2019 has been a great year many good things have happened. I went on vacation to Tennessee. And I had lots of fun. But now it is 2020! And I can have more fun things to do. But first I will tell you what I did to celebrate 2020 and Christmas. For christmas we decorated around the house. We went to my grandmother’s house to celebrate. For new years we had a party at my grandmother’s house and we lit off fireworks as soon as it turned 2020.


Now I will talk about my plans for 2020. First is to learn how to cook very well I want to learn how to do that. Second I want to get many A’s in all of my classes. And I want to get a VR headset for my PC. I want to save up enough money to get a gaming keyboard, mouse, mousepad, desk, and gaming chair. So those are my plans for 2020. And what I did to celebrate 2020 and Christmas. 

October 2

The mystery of the cheesecake

Once upon a  time there was an all powerful cheesecake that mysteriously disappeared. Everyone was screaming! Now that the cheesecake was gone the world went into an apocalypse. Me and my friends knew what we had to do. We had to find that cheesecake. The next morning we got up packed our bags and left. We made it to the forest where we saw a tomb on top of a huge mansion. We had a feeling that ‘where cheesecake went. An hour in the forest and we finally made it to the mountain. We were out of breath so we took a break for 5 minutes then we started hiking to the top of the mountain. After 2 hours of hiking we made it to the top. We found the door opened it and arrows shot out and almost hit us. We went in there were tons of spike traps, trap door traps and arrow traps. After being there a while we found the top. But I couldn’t see the cheesecake I stepped on a pressure plate. Then the cheesecake wrose up  above the ground. I went to go grab it when someone came over. With an axe and said the cheesecake was his. I said the cheesecake belongs in the town. I asked why he would take the cheesecake. He said who ever ate the cheesecake would become a god he said then he would rule the earth. We knew we had to stop him we all saw a wall with weapons on it i grabbed an axe and tried hitting him he started trying to hit me but kept missing i knocked him over when the floor under him opened. I then knew he fell onto a trap door. He held on asking and yelling for help but instead. I stepped on his hand and he fell down. We grabbed the cheesecake got out of the tomb when it exploded and a giant boulder  came rolling down the mountain! We ran as fast as we could down the mountain we made it to the bottom then the boulder ran into a couple trees and stopped. We took the cheesecake back to town everyone was cheering!!! We saved the town then after that everything went back to normal.

Special thanks to Tatham Infante where i got my idea from.

October 2

The mystery of the golden lego

One rainy day I was really bored i had nothing to do. I decided to head up to our attic we kept old games up there. While up there I noticed something glowing. I went over to it and was amazed it was a golden lago set. I called my friend and told him he came over right away. We were almost done the set when we noticed there was a piece missing. Everyone was screaming! We knew what we had to do. We had to find that lego. 1 hour later, we were running through the forest when we saw a temple in the shape of a lego we knew it had to be in there. On the way there we came across many traps. When we finally made it there were two lego guardians guarding the temple. My friend threw a rock at them they then started chasing us. We ran like a cartoon character we ran into the temple and shut the door we then barricaded the door with ruble. The building was falling apart so it had lots of ruble. We came into more traps like spike traps, floor traps and fire traps! But we made it through them then we came into a maze. After about 3 hours in the maze we made it out. But then we came across a lego dragon past the dragon was the golden lego piece. The dragon said only the worthy can pass. We were confused we asked how do we become worthy. The grago said we must walk the bridge of lego. The dragon stepped aside to show a bridge where the floor was made of legos! We thought it was impossible the dragon said only the worthy have made it across. My friend said we should just head back but i said no i knew i had to get that lego. I slowly walked over and took my first step i screamed. But then I realized it didn’t hurt at all so I walked across. I was about to grab the lego when someone came out he said the lego is his but said it belongs to me. I knew he stole that lego piece. I asked why he did it he said when the lego set was complete you would be granted one wish. He said he would become immortal with the lego set. I said no and then grabbed a weapon from the wall we battled he grabbed the lego but I shoved him and he let go of the lego. I grabbed it and then shoved him into a lego trap he fell into a room full of pointy legos. I grabbed the lego and we went back home. Back home we assembled the set and put the piece in then it started glowing the set flew up and said it would grant us one wish. It said to choose wisely. We thought hard but then came to a decision we said we would have a cheesecake. The lego set said our wish is granted and then turned into a bunch of normal legos. Everyone was cheering!

Special thanks to Tatham Infante where i got my idea from

September 26

What is the most critical to u.s history

I think 9/11 is the most critical to the united states history. Reason 1 many people died exactly 2996 people including the 19 terrorist. Reason 2 the twin towers and the pentagon got destroyed the twin towers collapsed. Reason 3 It took 8 years to rebuild the twin towers and it took 16 months to rebuild the pentagon.