October 8

How to play fortnite

I’m going to show you how to play on xbox. Here are the controls.

The right trigger is to shoot. The left trigger is to a aim. The RB bumper is to go to the next weapon you have. The LB is to go to your previous weapon. The Y button is to go to your pickaxe. The X button is to reload your weapon. The B button is to edit build. The A button is to jump. The right stick look around and to hold down is to repair your building and to tap is to crouch. The back button is to see the map. The start button is to see game menu or see who is playing with you. The left stick is for to move and when you hold it down it makes you sprint. The D pad you click up and regular menu. The down of the D pad is to choose a dance. The left and right in the D pad are nothing. And that is all for now. My next post is going to be about how to play builder pro on xbox one. The end

October 8

My weekend day 2

I woke up and it was dark. I went into my grandma’s room and I got your phone to play on. When I got her phone I went down to the couch to play on it. My grandma woke up and made me breakfast. After I eat breakfast I went outside to ride on my dirt bike. After I was done I went inside to Xbox. I was playing fortnite and I came in second.  The next game I got the guy at 1 hp. I shot a rocket and he got me before I hit him with the rpg. So I LOST AGAIN AND IT WAS A NOOB! After I was done I went to my cozens house. I got there and they were watching deadpool 2 so I watched it with them then during the movie i feel asleep but I wock up and I went home. My next post will be how to play fortnite on xbox.  The End

September 23

My weekend day 1

Hello this is my new blog and i’m going to tell you about my weekend hope you enjoy it.

I came home on the bus and my mom and dad were leaving to go to my new beach house. My grandma and pap were coming to pick me up to go to there house. So i packed up and got ready for them to pick me up. When they got to my house they said are you read to have fun at are house I replied yes and then we left. In the car my grandma said your cousin might come. But when we got to the house she wasn’t able to come because she got sick. After my grandma wanted to play dutch blitz. So we did I won my pap only got 30 points I got 102 points my grandma got 99 points she almost beat me. After I watched tv for 2 hours then i had to go to my football game. We lost and I didn’t get to play the once in the hole game. We went back to the house and we ate supper and then I went to bed.