The Fourth Grade Garden

Have you ever wanted to go outside and teach your class about flowers or anything ? If yes then I would read this story about plants that you can use in your class garden .
Here are some options of perennial plants 1.Common milkweed. Common milkweed will attract butterflies .
Common milkweed is good to use because it grows to about 2-6 feet. It’s blooming period Is Jun-Aug and they have pale purple flowers. They have a fragrant smell. They also look like pink pom poms .
2.Black Eyed Susan. Black eyed susan are yellow and black and the eye is black. Fun fact the flower get its name by a girl named Susan who had blonde hair and a black eye and thought the flower looked like her.The flower grows to about 2-3 feet. It’s blooming period is May-Sep.
Here are some options of shrubs . 1. Sweetfern. The sweetfern is a fragrant and jolly shrub. The sweetfern looks like a small willow tree but with different leaves and is more green and grows to 3 feet. 2. Lowbush blueberry. The lowbush blueberry grows up to about 1-2 feet. It’s blooming period May-Jun. Here are options of trees. 1.A downy serviceberry .The downy serviceberry is a white tree that looks like a bunch of clouds that are shaped into a flower.The tree grows to about 20-30 feet. it bloom period is Mar-May. 2. Redbud. Sometimes the Redbud tree’s blossoms look more pink or purple then red. The tree grows to about 20-35 feet. It’s blooming period is May-Jun. It looks very pretty on a nice sunny day. There are some options for you to use in your class garden
. This is my garden.

The Titantic

     The     TItanIc

Hi my name is Madison  when I was on the titanic i was on the second class with my boyfriend  cooper.  captain snowball were friends me and my boyfriend my friend  is  Isabella rose and my boyfriend is friends with her boyfriend sometimes I went up to the first class and sit on the deck and watch the sunset or the ocean it was always so pretty to watch. I was one of the people that knew that the iceberg was going to hit the titanic  my family did to so we had been on the ship for a couple days everything was normal till we hit the iceberg everyone was panicking  and screaming  me and cooper  quickly jumped onto the iceberg and I always keep a glass bottle in my side so i wrote  on a note that said please help me and my family are stuck on a  an iceberg and we need help!!!!  I also had a reindeer that saved me and cooper and captain snowball were swimming in the ocean when  a whale bite  the reindeers leg of then  the reindeers leg started gusing blood then we found a lifeboat and climbed on it we sailed to a bigger boat and got dry clothes and fresh water and fresh food we  also got to land and we were in new york city  me cooper and captain snowball all explored the city .       


By madison