My Rabbit

I’m gonna tell you about my rabbit Nightmare.  Nightmare is a black rabbit and he is almost two years old and is a boy. Nightmare is very cute he is also very fast. Sometimes when we were younger we would forget to shut his pen and he would get out. We would have to ask our neighbors to help catch him. Nightmare is the son of Blackey. Blackey was my original but he died because my mom accidentally left him out and he died because of  the heat. I started crying so much and whenever I think about it I cry. Now I keep much better track of Rabbit so they don’t die.

The End

Henry Huggins Book Review

I really liked the Henry Huggins Book. I liked the book because some of the characters were really funny. I also liked the book because Ribsy is a dog and I really like dogs.  I really like the characters because do funny things. I liked in the first part were henry finds ribsy. I liked how there was a dog show. And I liked how scooter would be mean to Henry but then get hurt or in trouble. The characters were Henry, Ribsy, Beezus, Ramona, Robert and Scooter. The setting was at the park, the store, Henry’s house, and more.                That is why I liked Henry Huggins.