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Hershey World


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Ever since I visited Hershey Chocolate world last November I have been wanting to write a review to share the wonders of Hershey Chocolate World with everyone.


Hershey Chocolate World is located in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Chocolate world is open year round with awesome events to keep you happy. This place has a nice amount of hours so that you will not miss out on anything while visiting. The hours are all the same 9am-5pm except for Saturday when the hours are 9am-7pm. 


Hershey Chocolate World and the Chocolate Tour are free for anyone, but other activities in Chocolate World cost money. One thing you can do there is the 4D chocolate movie, the  prices are $7.95 for ages 13+, $6.95 for ages 3-12 and kids 2 and under are free. Another great thing to do there is the Create Your Own Candy Bar, you will get to make a candy bar with all your favorite things, the price is $26.95 for anyone who wants to make a candy bar. One final great thing to do at Hershey is Hershey’s Unwrapped  experience, which will make you use all your senses while you learn about the tale of Hershey. This attraction will cost $15.95 for people ages 13+, $12.95 for kids 3-12 and kids 2 and under are free.


If you are hungry while you walk around the wonderful world of Hershey, fear not because there are tons of different areas for you to get everything from lunch, dessert and more. There are also many sweet Hershey treats for you to purchase while you walk around Hershey Chocolate World.


If you want to come to Hershey, you should think about the weather and the attire choices you are making so that you get the best experience possible. Winter and Fall tend to be very cold so don’t be afraid to grab a coat so that you don’t freeze. Spring is warmer than Winter, but is usually very rainy so you better have a jacket with you to protect you from the elements. Summer is very hot so drop everything and put on a T-shirt and shorts.


 How much time do you need? Well, you’ll need to have at least 15-30 minutes for the Chocolate Tour depending on how many times you want to ride it. Also if you want to do any of the special events you should fit in 1 hour to 1 and a half hours for those. You should also have half an hour to look around and buy candy. Some must see/do things are: The Chocolate tour, The 4D Chocolate Movie,  Hershey’s Unwrapped and Create Your Own Candy Bar.


I hope this place will give you the time of your life!


Dear Santa


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The key


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Once upon a time there was a lost key and it belonged to Jose. Jose lost the key when he was climbing through the mud of the marsh. The marsh was a home to many animals. When Jose was was walking in the marsh he tripped and that is how the key ended up on the ground.

One day a traveler named Michael found the key ” what is this”, he wondered he put the key in his backpack. After a few minutes of walking the key in Michaels backpack started glowing. “What’s happening”, he thought. The key was moving in Michaels hands when he picked it up it was pointing north so that is the way Michael went.


After awhile Michael arrived at a cliff so he started to climb it “This is hard work”, he told himself. When michael got to the top he saw a pond called the pond of youth.He dived in and found a keyhole and unlocked it. Michael freed a magician named, Jeff from behind the keyhole “Thank you for freeing me” ,said Jeff. “For freeing me I will give you on wish. “Please heal my mother and help my family and my father to not be poor”,whispered Michael. When Michael arrived home his mother was well and his siblings were not hungry, because of his wish.



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A tiger is an orange animal with black stripes from Siberia and other places around the world. A cool fact about tigers are that no two tigers have the same stripe pattern. Here are a few different species of tigers Sumatran tiger, Siberian tiger, Bengal tiger, South China tiger, Malayan tiger, and Indochinese tiger. Sometimes tigers can be white with black stripes (no specific type of tiger for this). Tigers are in the family of big cats plus it’s the biggest of the big cat. Tigers are some of the only cats that like water. Tigers are predators which means that they hunt for their food. Some things they eat are Moose, deer, pigs, cows, buffaloes, and goats. Most tiger species can swim 4-6 miles per hour. Tigers are endangered mostly due to habitat loss and poaching. Tigers can run 30-40 miles per hour. Tigers teeth can be 2.5 to 3.0 inches long.

How I am doing on my garden


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In my opinion I am doing good.


What I need

I need to add some fossils and write down some things about waterways from P.A. that is what I need to do.


What I have

I have plants and a place to display the fossils. I have a place to display info about P.A. waterways. I have some nice weeping willow trees for shade.

Recycling Pro/Con Reaction


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I read the passage pro/con is it time to stop recycling our garbage and will tell you about it. One author likes recycling and the other thinks we should do less recycling. I will tell you why they like/dislike recycling.


The first author wants us to do less recycling and says it costs less to make new things. One reason this author wants us to do less recycling is that you have to recycle a lot of glass to make recycling go down a little bit. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says we should only recycle ⅓ of our garbage. Paper companies pay for the trees they use, but if it was cheaper to recycle people would pay you for your scrap paper.


The second author likes recycling lets see what he has to say. Since 1969 the amount of trash thrown out has tripled. We dump far too much garbage in landfills. The u.s. Environmental protection agency (EPA) reports that we recycle ⅔ of our paper and ½ of our cans. However, we recycle less than half of our electronics and ⅓ of our plastic and glass.


After reading this article my opinion has changed tremendously. I used to think that we should recycle as much as we can, but now I think we should slow down. One thing that changed my mind was when the first author said it was cheaper to make new things. Another thing that changed my mind was when the first author said if it was cheaper to recycle people would want to buy your scrap paper. The last thing that changed my mind was when the (EPA) said we should recycle ⅓ of our garbage.

Dragon Battle Part:2


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After that was over the fire vs metal battle happened. The fire dragon landed a fire right smack in the middle of the metal dragons body. The metal dragon got weak when they get weak they shoot razor sharp spikes at their opponent. Only seventeen out of the fifty spikes hit the fire dragon. They did a lot of damage to the fire dragon, but the fire dragon kept pursuit of its target. The fire dragon shot another fireball at the metal dragon sadly it missed. The metal dragon shot another fifty spikes this time only five hit, but the fire dragon was so weak he backed off. That meant that Henry and John were out of the battle. The two winners of the last two battle were going to fight it out to see who will win the battle and the money. The ice dragon made the first move by freezing the metal dragon. The metal dragon made the spikes on his back taller and broke through the ice. He launched a ball of metal at the ice dragon and hit him. That made the ice dragon pretty weak. The ice dragon froze the metal dragon to the ground and the metal dragon could not break free. The metal dragon backed off. That meant Tim and his ice dragon won

About Me


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My name is cole and I am a student at Brecknock elementary school. One of my favorite colors is Orange and I love animals. My favorite animal would have to be a Tiger, but I also like Rabbits. One of my favorite hobbies is to draw. I am not the best drawer, but I am pretty good. One of my favorite games is Pokemon. Another thing I like to do is read. My favorite day of the week is Saturday. I have 9 pets which is not the most pets I have ever owned. One of my favorite foods to eat is spaghetti and I also like apples. I wear glasses. One thing I Like to do in my free time is play Minecraft with friends. One of my favorite seasons is fall. One of my favorite activities to do at recess is play kickball. Now you know a little about me.

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