Gordon Park-Poem

I think that my favorite person from the poem that we read called Making changes is a person named Gordon parks.The reason I picked him was that I think he was trying to tell me that he had to go throw some thing’s in a small house and with sixteen siblings there to.So he must had patients,caring and Honesty.Because Honesty your sibling could easily get you in trouble. I learned that when you Lie then that Lie can start to make to Guilty and if I had that many siblings I would try Lie.I think that this will apply to me because of knowing not to Lie to other people.That is why I chose Gordon Parks.

Volcano though quiestion

I think that it is not a good idea because the flowers and crop that farmers actually use to make foods and stuff.If they change it might not grow the way that the farmers might want then to grow. Also if people make different foods that food might also as well become dead because that also happened to the other crops.And the acid rain can also rain on the new flowers and make then dead.That is why I think that farmers should not grow other a new plants.

camouflage fish-Ted talk

On April 13 2018 in the morning  I was watching TV in my room and turned on a show called Sea life for animals.There I saw something.I saw a camouflage fish,well at first I did not but when it came up from the sand I could see it more better.I wondered how does the fish stay camouflage?How camouflage fish camouflage?They have a kind of body that lets them like the flounder.And how do they get things by camouflaging.And how can they stay camouflaged with bigger fish coming?

How do they camouflage.They use something for their skin so they can camouflage.The fish lye on something that they can camouflage on.”for example flounder Is one of the animals they can camouflage”.And a flounder can change to fit in the environment and not get caught.For any other animals.

How they can get food and do it .A camouflage fish for intense eats shrimp and small fish for them to eat.And how they do it?They use camouflage to stay when they see food they’ll get out of camouflage and eat.For example Hunters camouflage with an outfit  and in the forest when ready the boom! Get there animals to take home and eat,Or do something else with the animal that they got.Human’s like us can eat a lot more than fish can.

How do camouflage stay when big fish come.For example the flounder is a camouflage .And his eyes can also as well camouflage with the body .But if you look close you can still see the eyes.My evidence is supported by the thesis because it talks about how they make there hole body camouflage. They use something in their body that lets them camouflage.

How camouflage fish camouflage throw their body.For example a flounder is a sea animal that can camouflage .And on a how they can get food and other camouflage with bigger fish coming there way.Something that you can do is when you have trash recycle or do something with it.Because camouflage fish are starting to have no room to do what they have to do .So all you need to do is throw your trash away.


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My life was like Chapter.2

It’s time ok.You can do this just look at your baby sister.said Cody as he took a deep breath.when Cody got down stairs his new little sister was there and the family was going to name her.”what kind of name do you like cody.”said my mother.I thought maybe lilly.Lilly said my mother that was a beautiful name you let’s go with lilly.

Years past and E’town was just Cody my sister took E’town and made it L’town I did not like that but there was nothing I could do about it.

It was that Time where I have to go to college and my sister was so sad but first I have to find a collage I found One it was perfect but it did cost 35,999,000 dollars my mom said

My life was like Chapter .3

My mom said that she can give me some money so that I can go to a collage.My little sister called girl said “I’m going to miss you big brother”She said I said I going to miss you to.

Three year latter my sister said hey my name lilly.My mom said that Today is the first day Of school as in I have to go to kindergarten but I get to leave early because the school I am going to lets you out early.And when we have snow days I have no school because the time is taken up for a snow day or two hour delay.

Today the day,It’s my birthday and i am turning 6 years old today .wow! I mean wow. As I heard my mom talking down stairs .My mom asked what do you want for your birthday I said…

food chain

Have you ever wondered about the ecosystem or food chains for animals.well we are going to talk  about it.

I think that the first ted  talk is what I like because when he had the animals look like what he maybe though when he decided that he wanted to do a ted talk.

I like the first one better because he had the  blank page and then a few animals and had aries that told me things.

Did you now that say you might like chicken because I like chicken to and did you now that chickens eat earthworms you might not like that but earthworms eat dirt.So that would be Earthworms eat dirt and chickens eat the worms but chickens also eat seed’s and other things to.

And cows eat grass as well.Do you like fish there are some water worms and the fish eat those worms or other fish and other things in the water.

This is the ecosystem and food chains.

My Life Was Like.Chapter.1

Whatsapp e’town It’s me popo weely un ya.That is so cute mr.E’town.my mother said.Sorry but my real name is cody but you can call me Co.Dinner is ready mr.E’town.said my mother.You can me Co.Stands for cody.well ok but come down we are having you favorite.Steak.Said my mother.


My life is good today on april 6 2013 I had soil and like always my mother gave me extra care for the day.But when I got home and at 9:56pm my mother asked me when I was in bed”ow would you like a baby sister.and you would be able to elp name it”.No thanks I said.So my mother tuked me in and said.”good night E’town”.good night mom.But the next morning I heard something something weird and something that like maybe wants to wake me up.E’town does not like this .I have to go down stairs and see what that things is.

spring break

It’s that Time of the year where we have some days off.This year in 2018 starting on wednesday march 3/28/18 and ending on tuesday April 3/3/18 it ends.But today I am going to tell you what I planned in the days that we do not have school.

Today on wednesday when I get home I am going to start packing my suitcase because at 4:50 pm -5:00 pm I should be ready and wow.It’s time to go already.when I get there I will on pack than have to go to bed because when I do not have school the next day my mom lets me stay up until 10:00pm at the latest.

When I wake up it will be thursday and we are going out for breakfast and I am going to have some wings for dinner.I like mild wing usually and a dozen.Also for dinner I am going out to aswell.That is the same going for saturday.

On friday I am leaving the beach and going home so that I can do a easter hunt with my family on my dads side and on my moms side.

Thanks for reading on what I plan on doing for spring vacation.

cinderella project with collaborative

Things that went good in the collaborative project was that in the beginning at the end of our story we all agreed on the character that we would be.As we went on we decided that we were going to do do a google slides .When we got at least five slides and boy in the collaborative keep changing the backgrounds and we did not get that much done.I think that if we did it again I would have maybe not change the wording that much(as in color of the wording).There is only one girl and me and I think that the girl and two other boys including me where doing great.The other boys mess around but they were good and they did help only by a little.That is why I think that the group did well but could even better next time.

poppy’s jalopy

I think that when your mom  gives you a toy that was a lot of money I would say no mom I can be with my one toys that are old.Sometimes you don’t need toget really expensive things.Some Days you might think that you need that really expensive thing.But in some day you do not need expensive things you can just do with what you have now.That is why i think that you do not need really expensive things ,but you can just be with what you have.

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