Penn State Berks College Visit !

On November 15, 2019 Me and my class and another class went to Penn state Berks college. We traveled there in a bus with one other class. When we got there, we were divided into groups to tour the college. What I think was one of the most interesting part was that when you first enter one of the main buildings. If you look up there are neet hanging pieces of glass on a string then the sting was put to attach to the ceiling. The amount of the pieces was truly amazing. I would think that might have taken a little to make the whole set.


After the classes had launched we did a stem project. Our job was to make a mini roller coaster for a marble. The task was to make sure that our roller coaster had on loop, a lump that would be six or more inches high, and to make sure that at the end of the rollercoaster that it would not be a straight line.


If I could go back to Penn state college I would have one question. That question would be how many school districts might have came to do a college visit with Penn state Berks college? I think that because of the college visit I think that I might want to go to college. That is what the tour was like, and how the stem project was really fun and if I were to go back, what I would say to them and what I might want to do with my future.


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