camouflage fish-Ted talk

On April 13 2018 in the morning  I was watching TV in my room and turned on a show called Sea life for animals.There I saw something.I saw a camouflage fish,well at first I did not but when it came up from the sand I could see it more better.I wondered how does the fish stay camouflage?How camouflage fish camouflage?They have a kind of body that lets them like the flounder.And how do they get things by camouflaging.And how can they stay camouflaged with bigger fish coming?

How do they camouflage.They use something for their skin so they can camouflage.The fish lye on something that they can camouflage on.”for example flounder Is one of the animals they can camouflage”.And a flounder can change to fit in the environment and not get caught.For any other animals.

How they can get food and do it .A camouflage fish for intense eats shrimp and small fish for them to eat.And how they do it?They use camouflage to stay when they see food they’ll get out of camouflage and eat.For example Hunters camouflage with an outfit  and in the forest when ready the boom! Get there animals to take home and eat,Or do something else with the animal that they got.Human’s like us can eat a lot more than fish can.

How do camouflage stay when big fish come.For example the flounder is a camouflage .And his eyes can also as well camouflage with the body .But if you look close you can still see the eyes.My evidence is supported by the thesis because it talks about how they make there hole body camouflage. They use something in their body that lets them camouflage.

How camouflage fish camouflage throw their body.For example a flounder is a sea animal that can camouflage .And on a how they can get food and other camouflage with bigger fish coming there way.Something that you can do is when you have trash recycle or do something with it.Because camouflage fish are starting to have no room to do what they have to do .So all you need to do is throw your trash away.


5 thoughts on “camouflage fish-Ted talk

  1. Tia,
    Your topic of camouflaging is a very interesting topic. You gave some interesting examples, such as the flounder camouflaging. Make sure you have complete sentences. You have a few fragments in your essay, such as “For any other animals.” Every sentence should have a subject (who) and a predicate (what they do/are). Make sure your concluding sentence ties your whole essay together so your audience isn’t left with more questions. I am wondering how throwing my trash will help the animals.

  2. GOOD JOB!!!I like all your details! NICE! I wish you could add a little more detail to the second paragraph.I wonder nothing! GREAT JOB TIA!!!!

  3. I love what you said and I agree but maybe you could add a little bit more details about camouflage.

  4. you are awsome with the topic but you have soe pomboms here and there but not much. if you look at it is a star. I wish you could not tell the date because then people might tell other people the date and they might think they stock you.

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