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At the beginning of the story Rob cried at his mom’s funeral  and then Robs dad slapped him for crying because his mom passed away. at the middle of the story when rob met sistine  she wanted to take the tiger out of the cage  so the snuck to beauchamps spot and took the keys out and ran and Rob put the keys in his pocket so beauchamp can’t see it. At the end of the story Rob’s dad killed the tiger and when he did Rob cried and slapped his dad and he thought it wasn’t good enough so he yelled out the things from his suitcase and he was crying on his dad after he yelled it out. The only thing that maybe made him happy is the Tiger because sistine and Rob wanted to let the tiger out and let it have its freedom but the tiger just sat there so sistine and Rob shook the cage and yelled at the tiger to get out of the cage and then the tiger ran out of the cage and that’s when Rob’s dad killed the tiger.

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