April 27

Trout release date

We are going to release the trout on the 14th of april and it is going to be so fun when we release the trout because their own little personality has changed and some of them think of different things at each time and when we release the trout they will zoom probably strait to the bottom to hide or do something else in the stream. The trout will grow a little bit bigger than they are right now but will only live 3 years but they might not all live because the trout will eat eachother even if they are related they will still eat each other. Well that is what is happening right now so I hope learn more about the trout in the future.

April 27

Goodbye Trout

4/13/18 is the trout’s last day in the classroom and being safe from predators and the advice I have for the trout is that I wish them the best of luck on the stream and hope some don’t die in the stream. The trout have changed so much from being eggs then to alevin then to fry and then to fingerlings. I will miss the trout so much and miss watching them just being themselves. The trout have also helped us not being stressed after the ELA PSSAS this year. Everyone will miss the trout this year and hope they survive because they survived a long car ride to get here to this school. That is all that I have to say for the trout.

March 9

The trout are fingerlings

The trout are now fingerlings and they are also predators to animals that are small than the fingerlings like for example trout, all the small little bugs, and their brothers and sisters. The fingerlings are also getting red fins and soon they will a white line above the red part of the fin and the fingerlings can also be called parr.The fingerlings can also camouflage with counter shading. We still have 35 fingerlings and our trout to us are miracle trout because they went back and forth to blue ball and back to where they came from and they are really amazing trout because they are all so different from one another and will always stay that way no matter what happens to them. Well that is all for now so I hoped you enjoyed reading this.

January 31

Google VR / Expeditions!!!!!

Today was super fun when we went to go see Google. When I tested out the  selfie stick it was so fun that we went under water and saw all the fish, sharks, reefs, turtles, divers, and many more things. I loved when you looked up and saw animals, but that could be pretty dangerous. When I tested the goggles I loved it. I thought the goggles were better, but that is just my opinion. When we went to the volcano one I thought I was going to drop right into into the volcano and going to slide down the lava and into the water. I also loved the solar system one as well. I felt like I was apart of it with the goggles on and so happy to see the solar system one. I loved the planets,  the stars and every thing about it.I also felt like I was apart of the volcano one as well with the goggles on.  Well that is what i think of the VR and I would like Google to come back soon to our school.

December 13

A sick horse

Once upon a time there was horse and her name was mist.Her mother loved her with all her heart.Mist and her mother lived on a farm and the farmer fed them every day.When mist was a baby her father had died.Mist was growing and growing until it was mist´s ninth birthday her mother had died from a really bad sickness.Her mother had 50% chance of of surviving and when a horse had that sickness they died.No horse had survived that sickness.Then one day mist got the sickness and she did not feel so well and she was now 16 years old.She was so sad that she had thought that she would not survive but she did survive the bad sickness. Mist had the sickness for 5 days and then she then thought that her mother would be very proud.Mist´s father also had the sickness as well so she had thought that when she is older that she could have a little pony of her own and let the pony know that she had survived a sickness that ran in the family had but if the father did not have a sickness then the little pony will have a 50% chance to not have the sickness.Then a couple years later she had a little baby and the baby did not have the sickness because the farmer had given the baby a check up.The farmer was so happy that the baby did not have the sickness and that mist had survived the sickness.Then mist and her family all got to run around in the country land.   THE END.

December 13

I survived the Titanic

Made by: Samantha Hillworth
My name is Samantha and I am 19 years old. This is my story on how I survived the Titanic from sinking.Oh and the Titanic hit an iceberg. On a spring morning April 10, 1912 many people including me aboard the Titanic. We all thought the Titanic was unsinkable. I aboard the ship so I can go to New York to visit because I was born in England and I wanted to go to New York. It was 9:00 a.m when we all aboard. Then I bumped into someone and then she had started talking to me. ¨Hi my name is Katherine.¨ said Katherine. ¨Oh hi my name is Samantha. ¨ I said. ¨How old are you Samantha?¨ said Katherine. ¨Oh I am 19.¨ I said. ¨Cool.¨ said Katherine. ¨How old are you Katherine?¨ I said. ¨I am 19 also.¨ said Katherine. Then Katherine and I became friends. Then we both saw the captain. Then the captain gave us a piece of paper. My room number was in first class. The number was 416. I was so surprised that I ran to my room as fast as I could. As I was walking by all the rooms I saw 416 first class rooms including my room. My room is the last room of all the first class rooms. Katherine and I were sharing a room and we each had a good size of a bedroom. The rooms were separated and the bedrooms each had a bathroom and a walk in closet. There was also a small living room and a small kitchen. I had to pay $4,350 for a first class room. I heard that the second class rooms cost around $13. The third class room cost $40. Then I looked at all the second class rooms and there were 162 rooms. The I looked at all the third class rooms and there were 262 rooms. I was so surprised and then I walked back to my room. It was starting to get dark because I spent the whole day exploring. Then I saw Katherine get ready for bed and then I got ready for bed as well. The date was April 11 1912. I had slept all night and I was super sleepy that I almost fell asleep again. ¨Breakfast is ready! ¨ Yelled Katherine. ¨Ok I coming.¨ I said. We were so tired that we went to the top deck after we ate breakfast. Wow I had thought. So then I started talking to him . He paid no attention to me. So then we went back to the first class but then I bumped into someone. ¨I am so sorry oh and my name is Carlos can you tell me your name.¨ said Carlos. ¨It´s ok and my name Samantha. ¨ I said. ¨Well I need to go see you around.¨said Carlos. Then he had walked away and waved goodbye. Then we walked back to the room. I had a canvas with me but I had never used it. After I finished painting on the canvas I looked out the window until lunch time. At lunchtime I was not very talkative and that was because I was really sad that I had to leave my mom when she had past away. ¨Are you ok Samantha?¨ asked Katherine. ¨No I not because my mom had past away two years ago. ¨ I said. ¨What! How did your mom die.¨said Katherine. ¨I have no clue. ¨I said. Katherine had made a weird face and then we heard a knock. It was Carlos knocking on the door. ¨Hi Carlos are you looking for something.¨ asked Katherine. ¨No I just do not have anything to do so I was going to ask you if I could talk with you guys.¨ said Carlos. ¨Sure.¨ said Katherine. We all talked until dinnertime and we invited him for dinner. We all were not really talkative again but Carlos had enjoyed the dinner. ¨I will see you tomorrow.¨ said Carlos. ¨Ok see you tomorrow.¨ I said. It was getting dark again so Katherine and me both went straight to bed and we both slept all night until morning. The date was April 12 1912. At breakfast Katherine had asked about my dream. ¨Well I was in a dark room and my mom had walked in with a random boy and pushed him then my mom left but then we both got out right away because we both were not tied up.¨ I said. ¨What was your dream about Katherine?¨ I asked. ¨My dream was about that I was still in england and went out to get food for my mother because she was very sick and she needed something to eat so she could feel better then all of a sudden she was at the store with a boy feeling so much better then I got on the titanic.¨ said Katherine. We talked all morning long then after breakfast went to the top deck and then we saw Carlos and we walked over. He was surrounded by girls and boys but we had no clue what was going on and then he walked over to us. ¨What is going on Carlos?¨ asked Katherine. ¨Uh I have no clue they just walked over to me and then they just asked me millions of questions.¨said Carlos. Then we all walked away from them and Carlos came to our room and we all talked until lunch. He ate lunch with us and when we finished lunch we sat and did nothing until dinnertime. We all finished dinner and nothing was fun to do but I was reading. Then Carlos went back to his room and we went to bed. The date was April 13 1912. It was the next morning and I was reading a book about a famous writing that I did not know how to say the name. It was a good book because I read the whole book through the time I woke up and around lunchtime. After I was done with my lunch I went to go to the top deck and there I saw Katherine all alone crying because someone had pushed her down and she was ok when I came to talk to her. We went back to the room and ate dinner. We went to bed and slept almost the whole day of April 14 1912 and we woke up for dinner. We went stayed awake and then at 11:40 because we had hit the iceberg! Katherine was the first person in line for a lifeboat, and she was on the lifeboat and Carlos saved me, a little kid and a baby. Katherine was already on the lifeboat and then I went back to my room to get one thing and then I had no choice but to jump out the window. Carlos had gotten out of the boat and saved me. Then we both got on the lifeboat and watched the Titanic sink. We did not see the captain again because we thought with the ship and we were not really sure. We saw the whole Titanic sink. People were trying to find where the Titanic sank but no one could find it. Everybody that survived was on a lifeboat and went back to England. Then Katherine, Carlos, and me all lived a happy life after the Titanic had sank.

The End
Fun facts : I gathered facts from national geographic kids and from google search. I have two friends and their names are Katherine and Carlos.Katherine is also 19 and Carlos is 18.

December 13

First day of school

Once upon a time in a blank world there was a girl and her name was Karly.Karly loved rolling around until one day she fell into the normal world.As Karly was still a little dizzy from the fall and then she was ok and before she new it she was on the ground and a boy was in front of her.Then he walked away and then I stood up.Karly looked up and saw that a sign said Welcome to grazan high school.She walked in and everybody turned to her and stared.Then she started flying to the blank world, but she did not know that a new person was there.Karly asked him his name and he said his name was kilo.Kilo and Karly lived happily ever after.

November 29

The trout have come! The trout have come!

The trout have just come yesterday which was oct. – 31 – 17. We have 200 – 300 eggs we are still counting. We have at least 15 – 30 alevins. Alevins are what come out of the egg and if the alevin has a c for a back that means that they will have a hard time living and will not ever grow a mouth. Last night we had zero eggs and zero alevin die. Well that is all I know of right now Bye.

October 26

Trick or treat!

Once upon a time there was a girl called Alexis. She loved dressing up for halloween, but there was one problem everybody had to go to the halloween dance and you had to be the best dressed as you can. Everybody bullied her and she had no one to dance with. The day before the dance someone asked Alexis to go to the dance with her and she said yes. ¨Today is going to be so much fun because everybody is dressed nicely and  everybody except Alexis has dance¨, said The bullies. At the dance for Alexis was fun because she danced and danced all night until the party ended. Trick or treat night was hard for Alexis, but she didn´t get candy until a guy came over called Carter gave Alexis some candy and they became best friends until the bullies came over and dumped all her andy into the trash and Cater helped her and they told the principal about the bullies and they lived happily ever after.The End