What Actually Happens In Fortnite

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to actually experience a Fortnite game? Well, me, the Noob skin has experienced it and I would like to tell you what happens. This is my first game:

When we are in the lobby about to enter the game, I feel nervous because I will probably get killed because I am a noob, but when I got into the game, there are a lot of other noobs there so that makes me feel better. When we get onto the battle bus, I am prepared. I went to Lonely Lodge, nobody is going there.

When I jump of the battle bus, I get really scared, but then when I deploy my glider, it is all better. When I hit the ground, I find a chest and there is a blue bottle, it says shield on it, Blaa, I almost spit it out it tastes horrible, but hey it says shield so i’ll drink it. And I got a green assault rifle in the chest. Then, right in the open, I found a green tactical shotgun, what luck. I find one or two more guns before I am off to get into the storm eye. There are snowmen, I like them because I can hide then.

Then I get in an airplane and fly to the circle on the map because there is a purple rain thing doing damage to me, “oh no it is chasing me” I Jell, I was down to twenty heath when I got out of the purple stuff. Then I go to a place called Tilted Towers but then I see a golden something on a building, “it’s shiny” I whisper to myself I want to go up and look at it. I start building up to it and over shoot my building a little bit and jump off and end up with ten health left then I go to the golden thing and it is a scoped revolver and near it is a Med Kit I yell “Yay” and I start dancing. Just then I here a person building underneath me then I go to a corner of the building roof and then heal up to one hundred.

I get out my pickaxe and then I start to dig down on the roof, I break it open and then I take out my tactical shotgun and randomly shoot, hoping it hits. Not even close. By now, I am starting to get scared. I want to figure out where he is so I start pickaxing the floor above me. It turns out he was up the using a med kit and he falls down and dies of fall damage. I got a kill! There is only 8 people left. I see 2 people fighting on the other side of Tilted Towers so I start running away. When I am running, I see a bush.

Bushes are really good. You can just sit there and nobody will see you. Then, when there is 4 people left, I realize I am low on wood, and I start pickaxing the tree beside me. All of a sudden, I hear this weird sound that goes right by me. I ignored it, but when it went right by my face again, I was starting to get a little concerned. I start running, when all of a sudden, I am down to 48 health. Then, my luck was still high. I found a purple thing. It tasted better than the blue thing and it gave me health. By then, the match was down to 3 people.

I hear fighting off to the side and then, I saw it, it said, “Ninja eliminated Streamer (326). The match was down to 2 people. I don’t know who the Ninja guy is but I am sure he is better than me. All I depend on is my luck. I hid behind a tree when I saw Ninja, looking around for me. Luckily, I had a heavy sniper. I scoped in, determined to get a victory royale, and I let it fly. I missed by a mile. All of a sudden, he sees me and starts running towards me. He starts building like crazy and firing all these shots. I just take out my pickaxe because it already got me a kill.

“Ouch, I got hit.” I am down to 67 health and no shield. I start pickaxing his building and he falls down. He is just standing there doing nothing. I feel bad and I don’t shoot. Then, I got myself together to shoot him. 3,2,1 BANG! I was expecting it to say victory royale but it turns out I was 15 meters away with a shotgun and it only did 9 damage. He turns around and then I take out my sniper, and aimed at him. He started to do a dance. It didn’t matter because I knew that I would win. All of a sudden, he starts moving and I start running away. Then I realize this game needs to end soon so take out my pickaxe and start running towards him.

He starts building above me and I take out my pickaxe and pickaxe his building. Then, I do something a little risky. When he falls down and is right in front of me, I throw a chiller grenade at him, and he starts flying towards the storm. I start celebrating, when I see I am getting farther away from the tree. I am moving too! When I get into the storm, I stop moving because I hit a another persons building and I realize I have lower health than him. The best thing I could do was fire off random sniper shots, I have 1 bullet left on my sniper. 3,2,1 shoot! I shoot the sniper and I bet you can’t guess what happened.

He was dancing in the storm eye, when it hit him, I got a victory royale on my 1st game ever. When I got back to the lobby, my player went to the store, but I was too busy celebrating. All of a sudden, he purchased the Raven skin and that was it for me. I was gone. I felt happy and sad at the same time but I always have to remember, I got a victory royale!

Hope You Liked The Story! Comment Down below if you think we should add another story about the Raven skin.

The Hobbit

The theme of The Hobbit is courage.  Blibo Baggins, the main character goes on adventure even though he has a good chance of dying.  He went on the adventure because he felt bad the next morning that they left without him. Bilbo Baggins is a hobbit, and hobbits are tiny little people that stay independent and talk pretty much only talk to the other fellow villagers.  Bilbo Baggins built up the courage even after Gandolf said that if he doesn’t die on the adventure, he won’t be the same when he comes back. After he went into the mountain and discovered the ring and he said when he escaped,” Gandolf, I found something in the mountain, my courage.”  He wanted to keep the ring so he decided not to tell him.

Dewey Car Invention

Dewey was on his annual commute to his mom’s house for Thanksgiving dinner.  On his way, he had a terrible mishab.  He fell off his horse and broke his left leg and arm. As it came to him, he realized that he couldn’t ride his horse nor walk.  Then, he asked himself,” How can I get around faster without having to work?”  Then, he thought of the car,  he only needed 1 foot and 1 hand to operate it.  A couple of years later, he invents the car, and he makes it to his mom’s house 5x faster.

The Runaway Orphans: Chapter 4: The Clue Of Clues

The Runaway Orphans: Chapter 4: The Clue Of Clues

If you haven’t read chapters 1-3, you should read them before reading this because you won’t know what’s going on.

“Maybe.” Said Abigail. “I don’t know, but Hopefully.” CREEK “Mark!?! “Sorry” They heard footsteps outside. “Come on Mark now we’re trapped!” “What are we going to do?” Said Mark. “Hide” Abby said, “Someone’s coming. Where should we hide?” “Let’s hide behind the shelf ” “Ok” Mark said “Oh, I don’t think there is enough room”, Mark said. “Yes there is just get behind it.” Abby said. “Fine were going to get squished”. “At least it’s a place to hide” Said Mark. they snuck over to the shelf and hide in the small gap. “Oh no my foot sticks out” said Abby “it’s ok” Mark said “as long as he does not see us”.

5 seconds later, the door opened from the other side of the room and a tall, skinny figure walked in. He started walking towards them. He picked up a couple of papers out of the printer and then said “No no noooo, this is not right, it has to in color, Arrrggg” just then he walked over to the printer and put a paper back in and clicked a bunch of buttons. Then he went over to the shelf to get the color and then the kids threw a paint bucket at the printer, threw the shelf holes and broke the printer. “What!” he yelled “My printer!!” he started to look around for something that that could throw a paint bucket. At that moment Abby tripped over a rock behind the shelf and fell into a hole that was covered in blankets “AAAAAAAAAA” Her voice slowly faded as she fell until he could not hear her anymore ”Gulp” Mark swallows hard. “Get caught or go down a hole. I don’t not know where it goes” “MARK COME ON IT’S SAFE” “OK” “WHAT, HOW DID YOU ESCAPE KIDS” “None of your business buddy” Mark jelled as he went down the tunnel.

The tunnel went on forever as they slid down and then all of the sudden they heard a ear splitting POP!!!! Then Mark jelled “OWWW MY EARS” “Shhhh we want him to think we are dead”. Said Abby “Oh ok” said Mark They laid down on the ground, pretending they were dead so that he would think they were dead. Mark even had his tongue sticking out. “Where are we Abby?” “I don’t know but be silent” Just then, they heard footsteps approaching them. They quickly got into the dead position. “Well, well, well, look what we have here, a free fortune is what it is. I would have made them lead me to their fortune down here but I can find it. By scanning their brains Now, I just need to figure out where they are hiding all that money. He started walking away, but then Mark was starting to feel a little cough coming, then it was starting to get bigger and bigger until, “AHH CHOO! Sorry it’s really dusty down here”” Then the man turned around and looked back at them, but they were already gone.

To be continued…

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