What Actually Happens In Fortnite

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to actually experience a Fortnite game? Well, me, the Noob skin has experienced it and I would like to tell you what happens. This is my first game:

When we are in the lobby about to enter the game, I feel nervous because I will probably get killed because I am a noob, but when I got into the game, there are a lot of other noobs there so that makes me feel better. When we get onto the battle bus, I am prepared. I went to Lonely Lodge, nobody is going there.

When I jump of the battle bus, I get really scared, but then when I deploy my glider, it is all better. When I hit the ground, I find a chest and there is a blue bottle, it says shield on it, Blaa, I almost spit it out it tastes horrible, but hey it says shield so i’ll drink it. And I got a green assault rifle in the chest. Then, right in the open, I found a green tactical shotgun, what luck. I find one or two more guns before I am off to get into the storm eye. There are snowmen, I like them because I can hide then.

Then I get in an airplane and fly to the circle on the map because there is a purple rain thing doing damage to me, “oh no it is chasing me” I Jell, I was down to twenty heath when I got out of the purple stuff. Then I go to a place called Tilted Towers but then I see a golden something on a building, “it’s shiny” I whisper to myself I want to go up and look at it. I start building up to it and over shoot my building a little bit and jump off and end up with ten health left then I go to the golden thing and it is a scoped revolver and near it is a Med Kit I yell “Yay” and I start dancing. Just then I here a person building underneath me then I go to a corner of the building roof and then heal up to one hundred.

I get out my pickaxe and then I start to dig down on the roof, I break it open and then I take out my tactical shotgun and randomly shoot, hoping it hits. Not even close. By now, I am starting to get scared. I want to figure out where he is so I start pickaxing the floor above me. It turns out he was up the using a med kit and he falls down and dies of fall damage. I got a kill! There is only 8 people left. I see 2 people fighting on the other side of Tilted Towers so I start running away. When I am running, I see a bush.

Bushes are really good. You can just sit there and nobody will see you. Then, when there is 4 people left, I realize I am low on wood, and I start pickaxing the tree beside me. All of a sudden, I hear this weird sound that goes right by me. I ignored it, but when it went right by my face again, I was starting to get a little concerned. I start running, when all of a sudden, I am down to 48 health. Then, my luck was still high. I found a purple thing. It tasted better than the blue thing and it gave me health. By then, the match was down to 3 people.

I hear fighting off to the side and then, I saw it, it said, “Ninja eliminated Streamer (326). The match was down to 2 people. I don’t know who the Ninja guy is but I am sure he is better than me. All I depend on is my luck. I hid behind a tree when I saw Ninja, looking around for me. Luckily, I had a heavy sniper. I scoped in, determined to get a victory royale, and I let it fly. I missed by a mile. All of a sudden, he sees me and starts running towards me. He starts building like crazy and firing all these shots. I just take out my pickaxe because it already got me a kill.

“Ouch, I got hit.” I am down to 67 health and no shield. I start pickaxing his building and he falls down. He is just standing there doing nothing. I feel bad and I don’t shoot. Then, I got myself together to shoot him. 3,2,1 BANG! I was expecting it to say victory royale but it turns out I was 15 meters away with a shotgun and it only did 9 damage. He turns around and then I take out my sniper, and aimed at him. He started to do a dance. It didn’t matter because I knew that I would win. All of a sudden, he starts moving and I start running away. Then I realize this game needs to end soon so take out my pickaxe and start running towards him.

He starts building above me and I take out my pickaxe and pickaxe his building. Then, I do something a little risky. When he falls down and is right in front of me, I throw a chiller grenade at him, and he starts flying towards the storm. I start celebrating, when I see I am getting farther away from the tree. I am moving too! When I get into the storm, I stop moving because I hit a another persons building and I realize I have lower health than him. The best thing I could do was fire off random sniper shots, I have 1 bullet left on my sniper. 3,2,1 shoot! I shoot the sniper and I bet you can’t guess what happened.

He was dancing in the storm eye, when it hit him, I got a victory royale on my 1st game ever. When I got back to the lobby, my player went to the store, but I was too busy celebrating. All of a sudden, he purchased the Raven skin and that was it for me. I was gone. I felt happy and sad at the same time but I always have to remember, I got a victory royale!

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  1. hey Ryder it is Justin I like how you put so much thought into this story but I wish you would have made it a little more appropriate if younger audience’s come to read and I wonder how long did it take you to make this story

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