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About My Blog week 10 #STUBC16

About my stories My blog has 16 stories for people to read or watch.  My stories are 700 words to 3 poems.  I have 5 stories from the Student blog challenge, 11 school based, and 2 of my own stories.  My favorite story is who I nominated I enjoyed writing it the most because… I wrote the 6 traits of writing and ranked his blog.

About my comments  I received 5 comments in my classroom, 7 comments in my grade, 4 comments overseas,  and 26 comments total in including replies.  The post that received the most comments was our school day with 9 comments.  I think this post had the most comments because I wrote about my school day, and people want to tell me what is different about their school day and what is the same. I have left about an average of about 2 comments per day.

About my widgets I had to change my blog theme because I could not put widgets on my blog.  I have 8 widgets and I think I have too many I should have 7 but I accidently put my class blog twice.  I have all 5 people on my blogroll overseas 4 from Australia and 1 from India

Other I put in a padlet and I have a couple videos for people to watch.  I have not read the flipboard magazine but some students from my class are on it.

About the amazing student blog challenge(2016).  My favorite challenge was week 5 free choice I liked it because no other blog challenge has free choice where you can write whatever you want.  I learned how to be a better writer in the student blog challenge.  I really like having the student blog challenge and I think they should keep doing it.

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