Journey Across The Arctic

Journey Across The Arctic

Once Upon a time there were 2 people named Ryan and Bob riding a plane in the middle of the winter all of a sudden it started hailing.  The hail broke their windshield and got into their motor they began to fall to the ground. They landed on a big pile of snow Ryan looked up on his phone to find someone or something then he spotted a house right when the phone died.

It said 15 miles to it they only had 3 candy bars and 2 bottles of water. They started on their trip when they were walking all of a sudden he saw a polar bear. They started running AAAAAAA then Bob tripped Ryan dived to try to get him they were buried in snow then Bob fell down even farther he landed in this weird ice room all of a sudden he heard hahahahaha he and Ryan turned around to see two huge polar bears one of them was the same one that was chasing them. Well well they said looks like we have ourselves some guests.  Get them!  They jumped up to try to get out Ryan got up but Bob was still in the air Ryan reached and got him.

They walked 5 miles so far Ryan was feeling hot the ice was starting to feel soft they stopped for the night.  They were 7 miles away.  The next morning they woke up and started walking.  Then he saw something in the distance it was white, and there was 2 of them they started running towards them they realized it was the two polar bears we left and hid they couldn’t find them.  The ice started to crack they ran to where it wasn’t cracking they saw an airplane they jumped on a pile of snow so they wouldn’t be on the cracking ice all of a sudden they fell into the snow and they were in a tunnel sliding down then they on grass wait grass they were at their house and they lived happily ever after.

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