Kittens Vs.Puppies a Battle In Popularity

                               Sarah likes cats,Brandon likes dogs.


Sarah:I like kittens because they are fluffy

Brandon:”Well dogs can be fluffy too.”

Sarah: Cats are way more fluffier.

Brandon:Dogs are so much more playful than cats.

Sarah:So,you do not have to take a cat for a walk at 5:00 am.

Brandon:Well at least dogs don’t sleep all day!

Sarah:Actually most cats sleep only 20 minutes a day.

Brandon:Well humans and dogs have been friends for 30,000 years.

Sarah:Well cats are the most popular pet in America.

Brandon: Did you know cats sleep for 70% of their lives so they pretty much don’t do anything but sleep.

Sarah:Did you know that cats can survive a fall from 32 stories.

Brandon:Did you know Abraham Lincoln had a dog and he hated cats.

Sarah:Also cats can reduce the risk of heart attack.

Brandon:Google is a dog company it specifically says.

Sarah:If you killed a cat in egypt people killed you.

Brandon: Dogs can sniff out cancer so dogs can save lives!

Sarah:Cats can too.

Brandon:3 dogs survived the titanic crashing!

Sarah:One cat survived the sinking or 3 ships.

Brandon:Dogs have been up to space and cats have not.

Sarah:There have been cats in space

Brandon:More than 86,000 people that get injured if not die from tripping over there cats.

Sarah:A cat has actually been a mayor in a town for 15 years.I bet no dogs have been.

Brandon: The cat must have been a dumb mayor.

Sarah:Cats can hear higher sounds than dogs.

Brandon:So what. cats can hear better than dogs I would want a pet that can’t hear everything I’m saying!

Sarah:A cat got 13 million dollars from Its owners   

Brandon:That cat is very spoiled.

Sarah:Cats are more popular than every pet in America

Brandon: So what that doesn’t mean they like cats it means they just have a cat.


So in conclusion,Cats and dog are both awesome in their own way.