point of view stories

Story #1 (1st Person):first i wake up. then i get out of bed and go down stairs.after that I eat breakfast and get ready for school. And then i get on the bus and arrive at school. Last i go to my homeroom class.


Story #2 (3rd Person):  first matthew gets up. then he gets out of bed. After that he eats breakfast and got ready for school. And then he got on the bus and arrived at school. Last he went to his home room class.

Homework opinion essay

Does homework help people learn? No it doesn’t. It affects your attitude. You have time to learn in school. You could do something fun


It affects your attitude. You could hate school. You could get mad. Or sad.


You have time to learn at school. You already had time to learn. You should get a break of learning. There’s no point you learn the same stuff at school.


You could do something fun. You could go to sky zone. Or the playground  Or you could go to your cousins house.


Homework doesn’t help you learn because it could affect your attitude. You had time to learn at school or maybe you could do something fun. As you can see homework doesn’t help people learn.

other things to do other than watch the super bowl

What is a better way to spend your time other than watching the super bowl? There are many other things you could do. You could play jurassic world. You could play outside. Or get ice cream.


Jurassic world evolution is way more fun. video games are not boring. Video games are better than watching tv.


You could play baseball outside. Or you could play soccer. Maybe you could play basketball.


Ice cream is better than the snacks when you watch the super bowl. Ice cream is really good. Its creamy too.


As you can see these facts are better than the super bowl. You could play jurassic world evolution. You can play outside. Or get ice cream. As you can see the super bowl is is not entertaining.

the best day ever by matthew herman

I’m gonna tell you about my best day ever.


First I wake up to a perfect day. I push my nice and warm covers down. I get out of bed and go down stairs.


My brothers my mom and my dad are waiting. My mom made cake!. I watch tv and eat the cake. Me and my brothers go to the tramolen. My brother says “we should go to a trampoline park”. My other brother said “yea”. We go in and ask our mom and dad if we could go to a trampoline park they said yes!.


We go to the trampoline park we played tag we had races we got soda we had a great time.


Sadly we had to go. We arrive home and ate pizza. After that we go to our cousins house and played freeze tag we also played on there computer. We asked the parents if we could go to the beach we begged and begged and finally they said yes.

We go to the beach we played lifeguard and shark it was a lot of fun.


We went back home and played on our nintendo switch  we played armes super mario odyssey after that we went and built a huge fort we drank tea and talked then we took the fort down.


Then we went on a hike after the hike we went to a playground we played hide and go seek tag and alot more.


Then we went home  and wachet tv me and my brother played fortnite together.


After that we went to an aquarium we saw fish sharks polar bears and best yet we got to see orcas get fed.


Then we go home and ate dinner we had burgers and hotdogs.


Then we go scuba diving i saw a tiger shark reef shark a hammerhead shark a bull shark a great white shark then we went home got our pjs on and we played cops and robbers in the dark then we got ready for bed and we all said:”that was the best day ever!”.

matthew herman holiday break

I’m going to tell you about my holiday break!


First on christmas i got a nintendo switch!. My parents got it for me and my brothers. We got a couple games for it to like armes and  super mario odyssey and and a couple others to.


Next i also got a trampoline for christmas on 2 days ago my cousins came over and we played on the trampoline. Yesterday me and my brothers played on the trampoline all day it was super fun.


Then the day after christmas i went to my friends house we played a lot we played on the tire swing his dad pushed us super high it was a lot of fun.


Last on new years i stayed up to midnight to watch the ball drop.


As you can see i had a awesome holiday break!

if you could travel anywhere

Where would you want to go mexico,inglend ? Well i would want to go to universal studios i already went there but i want to go there again . the hotels i love the rides i love the food.

Hotels the cabana bay resort had 2 pools ! the beds were awesome. There was not 1 time i was bored.

The rides my favorite was jurassic. I liked harry potter world. I liked the show in harry potter world.

The food there was a dinner thing in the hotel. The food in jurassic was good. But i liked all the food.

That is were i would like to go and why the hotels. The rides. The food. That is why i would want to go to universal studios again.   

Who i would like to meet and why

Who would you want to meet and why? The makers of fortnite. They are talented video game makers. They are nice. They are fun


They are talented video game makers. Fortnite is a super fun game. I love all there games. They have a mind to make kids happy.


They are nice. They are fun to work with. They are cooperative. They are kind to fans.


They are fun. They have fun minds. They have emagonachon. They have fun games.


That is who i would want to meet and why. They are talented. They are nice. They are fun. The makers of fortnite are talented nice and fun.