February 19

WGtB chap 1

In chapter 1 of The Watsons Go to Birmingham, we learned you shouldn’t be mean to someone if they are mean to you.The characters are Mom, Dad, Joetta, Byron, and Kenny(the narrator).

Dad wants to stay in Flint, Michigan and Mom wants to move back to Alabama.They have no heat which leads to Mom complaining about how cold it is. It was so cold they went to their aunt’s house. They had to scrape the ice off the window of the Brown Bomber, family car. Next Byron kissed the mirror and got his lips stuck      

December 4

Damian 2017

Hi,my name is Damian.One of my hobbies is baseball.My favorite sport is football.My favorite football team is the Steelers.Steelers are my favorite team because they won Super Bowls.I am 11.My birthday is 4/2/2006.My blog is about almost anything.I have a good personality.That’s almost everything about me.

December 4

Henry Share Table 2017

Damian Henry

             The“share table”                         

According to the Washington post states more than 3 million kids in the U.S go to school hungry.Now Just think about how many people at New Holland Elementary school come to school hungry.There are dozens of kids at New Holland that are hungry.We can create a “Share Table”.We believe sharing food with hungry students help reduce hunger.This would be our way to impact global goal 2-zero hunger.

Our idea as a 6th grade class is to make a “Share Table”for hungry kids at New Holland Elementary school.We can bring our prepackaged and unopened food from the cafeteria to the share table.Some of the food we can bring is prepackaged apples slice in bags, prepackaged dried fruit, and unopened milk and water.  Like lunch buyers, packers need to bring unopened or prepackaged food.  But they can’t bring food in ziploc baggies.  Packers can bring unopened or prepacked food like oranges or prepackaged goldfish.  No nut products should be put on thee “Share Table” because we do not want an allergic reaction. No nut products is very important because people could have an allergic reaction to any kind of nut.  Kids could get harmed.  The “Share Table” will benefit the hungry and help the people not in need learn about world hunger.

There are a lot of things we need to look at to determine how we get food and way that it functions.  The only people to get the food are the people that don’t have money for food.  The reason for this is people who have money to buy food and might just want free food.  We need people to know who needs the food.  Mrs. Sneath, this is where you come in, you have to decide who gets it.  Then you send a form to the person’s house to get permission.  We are sending them home because we do not want people getting bullied because their family does not have enough money.  This is how it is going to work.  The lunch workers are going to pack it up and parents are going to pick it up.  When the the lunch workers pack it up, there  going to pack it up in cardboard boxes Friday afternoon, then parents are going to pick it up in a specific time range.  This is how we think we should determine who gets it and how the “Share Table” works.

There are a lot of reasons why we should have a “Share Table.”  Our first reason is, food insecurity among young children is associated with poor physical quality of life, which may prevent them from fully engaging in daily activities such as school and social interaction with peers.  When they are in school, children who are food insecure may experience increases in an area of behavior problems like fighting, aggression, mood swings, and bullying.  This is not good because we do not want any fights, aggression, or bullying in New Holland Elementary School.  Children who are food insecure may be at a higher risk of chronic health conditions such as asthma and anemia.  At NHES, we do not want people to be unhealthy because they are to getting enough food.  Those are some of the reasons we should have the “Share Table.”

There is a lot of kids hungry in NHES.You already know what the “Share Table” is, how it functions, and why we should have it.  It would be good to start a “Share Table” because hunger is making kids sick and missing school. If we make a “Share Table” your students will be less hungry.12.9 million lived in food insecure hold,now just things about how many kids in New Holland are hungry.


You can make a difference.Facts found from Feeding America.