My weekend

My weekend started off pretty good. On Saturday, it was my dad’s birthday and we went out to celebrate. Then I played fortnight and then that was the end of my Saturday night. On Sunday, I went grocery shopping and then when I got home I watched the Steelers  game. Then after the game I got something to eat and then I played fortnight again when I  got home. That was my weekend.

My favorite part in Washington D.C.

My favorite part in Washington D.C. was either the museums or the memorials. They were my favorite part because when I go to museums I like to learn new things like about animals, history, and other interesting facts. My favorite part about the memorials were that it is nice to remember the people who served in the Vietnam, Korean, and World War 2. I think you would like the museums and the memorials because they are awesome! Please visit them when you go to Washington D.C.




Ways I can help in my community

You will be able to help by volunteering for someplace whether it is picking up trash or something else. You could help it because it can be picked up in 8 days and it can be picked up in 8 months and it can get picked up in 8 years. After 8 years, it probably will already be all picked up around the world and their won’t be any trash left anymore around the world after 8 years.