Its Raining cupcakes.

Hello everyone, It has been a while since i have posted so today i will tell you what has been going on in my life so far. Right now i am reading a book called ” It’s Raining Cupcakes” and it is about a girl who is entering a baking competition and her mom opens up a cupcake shop. I am also reading a book called ” THE WATSONS GO TO BIRMINGHAM-1963″ it is a bout a boy who has a big brother who is mean a little sister and his momma and pappa send his big brother Byron to birmingham because he kept getting in a lot of trouble.

My creepy video

Dork diaries

I have started reading dork diaries. I am reading the one when a drama queen named mackenzie steals a girl named nikki’s diary. Mackenzie reads what nikki wrote in the diary and Mackenzie also writes stuff in the diary. Mackenzie and Nikki also have a crush on the same boy and his name is brandon. I the this book is funny and dramatic. I know a couple people who would really like the series.

Can’t wait till tonight!!

I can’t wait till tonight because, My dance studio is having a christmas recital and i’m in one of the hip hop classes there. my costume is red or black pants and a white shirt and we are going to be dancing to an 80’s song called ” christmas rapping. I can’t wait!! ūüėČ

What do I like to do???

I loves to bakes and cook. I go to Hip Hop on mondays, girl scouts on tuesdays, youth group on wednesdays, and my dad’s on thursdays. my two favorite days of the week are wednesdays and thursdays.

I love Baby sitters club

I recently started reading a series called ” The babysitters club¬†” i really love this book¬†series. It is about these friends¬† who start a club and they babysit for other people. it is funny, interesting, dramatic, and cool.

What are some jobs I want to do??

One thing I want to do when i get older is baby sit. I might ask my mom if I can do that when I turn 13. when i turn 20 years old I will get a big truck and a cattle trailer and help my dad in his hauling business.

A little bit of Harry and a little bit of Wonder.

I am reading Harry Potter and, I LOVE IT!!!! I had never read Harry Potter before. it’s a really good book. I am also reading a book called Wonder. there is a kid whose face is……..deformed and he is just starting to go to a real school. he is in 5th grade and 5th grade starts in middle school in the book. I Love both of these books.

The Book Fair.

Yesterday my school’s¬†book fair started!!! Today i bought 6 items: 3 bookmarks, 2 posters, and 1 diary of a wimpy kid book. one of my posters has a puppy on it and a couple of cute emojis. the other poster has a unicorn on it and it says “unicorns are real”. I love everything¬†I got. I will most likely be buying more stuff at the book fair. peace out!!¬†¬†

What am I reading??

I’m reading a book called ” Emily Windsnap and the Castle in the mist “. It’s about this girl who is half human half mermaid. Her mom is a human and her dad is a merman and they get into a fight because Emily’s mom is feeling lonely because she is alone on a evacuated island inside of a ship that is half sunken into the sand while Emily is at mermaid school.