Washington D.C Trip

My favorite part of Washington D.C was the museums an the washington monument . The museum that I visited was the Natural Museum of Natural History. So in the museum there were 3 floors. There were a bunch of different things like the ocean hall, mammals, mummies, live butterflies and plants, etc. The 4 things that I visited in the museum were the ocean hall, live butterflies and plants, hope diamond, and gems and minerals. There were many things to do. When we went into the live butterfly room and it was great. There were butterflies that would land on you, some didn’t want anything to do with you, and some were swooping down at your head. The only scary thing about the live butterfly room was that the big butterflies were swooping at your head and the little one were landing on you.  The monument was very very tall it was fun and interesting how to fit the whole thing into a photo without cutting it off. I had lots of fun there. That is my favorite part about going to Washington D.C.

Is recycling a good thing?

cans...Creative Commons License Scott Macpherson via Compfight

I can’t pick one side i’m in the middle of both. I know that recycling is bad because it’s not doing much for the environment. My reasons are that “It has now become cheaper to make a new plastic container than to recycle an old one. To reduce emissions by 1 ton you have to recycle 3 tons of glass. In 2013, it totaled 254 million tons, which comes to 4.4 pounds per person everyday.” But, recycling is good because it makes us feel good inside. My reasons are that “Recycling 1 ton of paper or aluminum cans, the agency says, can save about 3 tons of carbon dioxide emissions over producing new materials. In 2014, half the people in Seattle recycled their trash. This rate continues to improve. The city is trying to reduce as much as possible. Few other cities have set such a high goal.” Those are my reasons for not choosing either side.

How I can help my community

In the next 8 hours I can help my community by picking up stray trash on the ground. I would  go to parks and pools and pick up the trash. In the 8 days my family and I can raise money for charities. I would donate the money to either Best Friends Animal Society or Defenders of Wildlife. In the next 8 months I can volunteer at either a soup kitchen or an animal shelter. In the next 8 years I can get a job at a local animal shelter and I can take stray animals in and house then so they have a place a home.

What It Means To Be A Responsible Citizen?

What it means to be a responsible citizen is that you help your community become a better place for everyone. You pay your taxes so then that money can be used for multiple different things like help restore the roads, they fund the public libraries and parks. So that is what it means to be a responsible citizen.