What I’m ThankFul For

Thanksgiving reminds me of all the things i’m thankful for. I appreciate family, friends, and my school laptop.

I’m especially thankful for my family because if they were not here i would not be here.Without them i wouldn’t have a house.If they weren’t here i wouldn’t have anything i wouldn’t have anyone or anything.So i’m very glad and very thankful for my family

I also appreciate my friends because without my friends i would be very lonely.Without my friends i would not be very happy i wouldn’t be very laughable person with no friends.I wouldn’t have anyone to play with or mess around with i would just be a sad camper.

Finally i’m grateful for my school laptop because if i didn’t have a school laptop school would be so much harder.If i didn’t have a laptop i wouldn’t be writing this I would be doing any of the fun activities.I could live without it but it would make everything a lot harder.It would make school so much harder.

As I enjoy this holiday season, I realize that i have many reasons to be thankful.My family,my friends, and my laptop are all very important to me.

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