Trout in the classroom 2

So we will be releasing the brook trout on april 14. i found some new thing in the tank like new bubble riders! but there mostly com. that’s good because if they were going crazy i think the big one would get out of control. That’s really all we know for now but i hope we learn more. have a good day and i hope you liked it 🙂

I survived the titanic  Made by:Melanie hardy

It was just when i woke up i saw they were having breakfast i told the guy i was 16 because i am but he said i look 19 so he let me in i was just eating then a loud bang we all thought that we hit a big rock

Because the ship coundent sink but that changed today.                  

Help Help the kid screamed i seen him i help him out but he was so hurt i yield HELP HELP HELP ME! Only Molly brown herd me so we got lifeboats and Molly brown jumped off the boat.i was getting a teen that was 14 that was drowning i got the teen up but she was very mean as in she said by by and pusht me off the lifeboat i was screaming no one heard me so i got on a board then jumped on a lifeboat.i finally got was free but the titanic blown up case lots of people talking about a fire so they properly lite a fire and blown up the titanic.i was happy we almost got everyone out.but my dad was the captain.we are alive ALIVE! Yes but where still in southampton.Molly brown became famous because she saved me i’m happy for molly brown and thank full !R.I.P Molly brown we all will remember you.i not sure what to do cause my dad died so have fun being a kid with your mom and dad even sister or brother.

              The end.


Trout in the classroom.

Some of the trout got eaten bye the bigger trout. The trout have red and orange fins this year.The brook trout are now over 1 inch this year and there called “parr” or “fingerlings”. but the best part about trout in the class room is we get to learn about the trout and it helps us learn or at least me.The brook trout are amazing but sometimes the big ones eat the little ones i know it sounds gross but its a part of fish life.They are healthy this year.The bigger brook trout stay at the top. The middle brook trout stay in the middle. The small brook trout stay at the bottom of the tank.The brook trout have to survive if there small.

Google vr goggles

it was super cool my favorite part is when we were in the ocean and i seen a shark. And when i looked up i seen the plain sea it scared me at first but it was really fun.  I hope i can bye some vr goggles for my self one day. So i also liked the space one it was like your really there. I had so much fun. So then we did the volcano. I was so scared cause when i look down i seen lava and it looked like i was going to fall in it. So now i know what oceans, volcanoes, space and more and more i had so much fun. If i was really in a ocean i would scream. The seals were really cool i saw one above me and i almost screamed but i seen a shark coming my way!. I looked away really fast and then i seen the sun and i was so amused!. This would have been really dangerous if it was in real life. So i LOVED it. 🙂

Tigers VS cheetahs

Here comes tiger coming to get a snack but then POW the cheetah grabs it and eat it goble,goble,goble!Tiger comes running with power and speed! the cheetah is lost in a cage from all of the running!Here comes the tiger running in and then scratch! open’s the cage.They fight and fight then the Tiger bites  the cheetah oh no! the cheetah ran away to the beach  the tiger seen the cheetah and then BOOM!Tiger jumps out but he fell so the cheetah took a sip of lemonade.The tiger attacks with his teeth! the tiger won! How? he took a nice big bite out of the cheetah and then the cheetah is gone for good.

Tigers in the wild.

Tiger’s will eat deer,zebra,mice, and some moose.

They are predators that will attack any human that gets to close.

They are orange with black stripes.

The kittens cant open there eye’s till there 4 moth old.

The kittens stay with there mom till there 1 year old.

Tigers are very cool looking animals to me.

That’s all.