Life is Beautiful By: Jen Sarro



It’s the little moments of fun and laughter with my adoring nieces

It’s the moments I spend dancing the time away


It’s the little things my parents do for me

It’s the pleasure I get from doing floral arrangements

It’s the legacy of my nana who is in a better place

It’s the funny and loving moments I have with my pets


It’s the lifelong friendships I have


It’s the moments when the music speaks to me

It’s the music artist who inspire me with their music

It’s my grandmoms precious possessions that remind me of her

It’s my mom’s tasty food that she makes

It’s my family that I love and care about

It’s the beach that I go to almost every summer

It’s my caring teachers who help me every day of the school year

It’s the little moments that make life worth while

life is beautiful~Tori C.


It’s a bright sky

It’s a Friday night

Its Allens fur

Its camping and sitting in front of the fire

Its climbing trees

Its my compound bow

Its cheerleading and tumbling

It’s a pair of clean white shoes

Its my team

It’s the people close to me

Its all of my many animals

Its rabbit hutches and baby bunnies

Its scary movies in the middle of the night

Its king crab and shrimp

Its waking up early to go to work and finding out it’s a Sunday

Life Is Beautiful



Life Is Beautiful

Olivia Weaver


Mr. Hardin

Creative Writing


It’s a gloomy fall day

It’s the howls on Halloween night

It’s the feeling when your high school football team scores a winning touchdown

It’s a beautiful wedding

It’s a chill song

It’s the feeling of the ocean breeze on my skin when I walk on the boardwalk

It’s the feeling of guitar strings on my fingertips

It’s a walk on the beach

It’s the feeling of a thrilling ride at an amusement park

It’s the lyrics of a new song

It’s a kiss every Christmas from my grandmother

It’s a warm embrace from a friend

It’s a prayer before bed

Its sacrifices for the better good

Its hope

Its love

Its happiness


Life is Beautiful

Life is beautiful

It’s Saturdays are for the boys

It’s Campfire nights

It’s Late night swims

It’s nights spent away from home

It’s Friday Night Football

It’s Late Night driving

It’s Unplanned Beach trips

It’s Lake House vacations

It’s Swimming with my puppy

It’s Brotherhood

It’s Fishing with my brother

It’s A late night Sheetz run

It’s Driving with music blasting

It’s Racing on weekends

It’s a night around the fire

life is beautiful

Jake Shupe

Life is beautiful

It’s the Saturdays for the boys

It’s the cool breeze on a hot summer day

It’s the dew on the wet morning grass

It’s the nicknames for your closest friends

It’s the pain in your chest from laughing so hard

It’s the smiles on friends faces

It’s the home cooked meals

It’s the long road trips

It’s the goosebumps from good music

It’s the jokes you only tell your friends

It’s the singing in the car to your favorite song

It’s the ping of a soccer ball off the post

It’s the warm rays of sun on your skin

It’s roar of a sportscar’s engine

It’s the raindrops hitting leaves on a calm rainy day

Life Is Beautiful by Katie Myers

It’s that cracked Pearl Jam cassette tape.

It’s that shabby stereo

It’s those firefly snatching star filled evenings

It’s that squeaky porch swing

It’s that unhinged look

It’s that rigid wooden rocking chair

It’s those midnight drawing sessions

It’s the SpongeBob filled afternoons after school

It’s the stickers received after the daily blood drawing and shots

It’s the multitudinous thrift shop trips

It’s the sweat from the lengthy night runs

It’s the R.E.M. lip syncing in the bathroom

It’s the relaxing rainy forecast

It’s the constant loss of numerous earbuds

It’s the canned pears with sprinkles

It’s losing checkers to grandpa every time

It’s Doris’s Elvis obsession

It’s the clothes hanger “guitar” jam sessions

It’s the 80’s throwback Thursdays in the mini van

It’s the broken family I’m thankful for.


Life is Beautiful


Life is Beautiful  By Brian Beck

It’s my grandfather’s gun

It’s a starry night

It’s an old dented truck

It’s a horror movie in the night

And its paintball on a Friday night

It’s a firework display on the fourth of July

It’s the soldiers that keep safe us free

It’s hanging out with friends

And it’s playing loud music

It’s driving around for fun

It’s a pair of cowboy boots

It’s tons of ideas

It’s having your family’s back

It’s a big bonfire

It’s a big farm tractor in a field



Life is Beautiful – Tia Mueller

Life is Beautiful

It’s playing lacrosse

It’s my CD collection

It’s going out for breakfast with a group of friends

It’s the family cabin

It’s a good book

It’s the leaves changing colors

It’s a rainy day

It’s watching the sunrise and sunset

It’s the music that helps me through my day

It’s the short moments that my brother is home

It’s sunflowers and bumble bees

It’s Halloween decorations

It’s the laughs I share with my friends

It’s admiring art

It’s feeling the most at home when I’m in Delaware

It’s going to a concert

It’s being in the city

It’s those late-night calls

It’s the idea of travelling and going anywhere

It’s making memories

Life is “Beautiful” | By Andrew Schnader

Life is “Beautiful”

It’s the earbuds blocking out the world.

It’s the cold nights.

It’s the cold nights that bring the cold thoughts back.

It’s the scent of cigarette smoke that flashes you back to the fair.

It’s the starry nights that allow me to sink into the crust of the earth.

It’s the black shoes, the black socks, and those black ripped skinny jeans.

It’s the lights the drive by on the bridge.

It’s playing sad music because you want to feel sad.

It’s the concert.

It’s suffering in the cold to be warmed by 2 people.

It’s all the phone lights making the stadium look like hope.

It’s the red confetti.

It’s the deaf ears afterwards.

It’s the broken light on my ceiling fan.

It’s the Self Titled album feelings.

It’s the Regional At Best album Thoughts.

It’s the Vessel album imagery.

It’s the Blurryface album’s main character.

It’s the curtains blocking out the sunlight.

It’s the AC on high in the summer and the windows open in the winter.

It’s the shock of pain in the lower back of my head.

It’s being cold in the darkness.

It’s seeing dark in the sunlight.

It’s feeling paralyzed when your dreams are crushed.

It’s being melancholy when the rest of the world is happy, by choice or by force.

It’s hearing certain music and treating the mental wounds caused by the world around me.

It’s seeing 2 negatives (-) in the positive (+).

“Life is Beautiful” By Connor Horst


jpg 3216x1822 Pond hockey backgrounds






It’s a nice frozen pond


It’s a warm summer day

It’s pancakes on the weekend

It’s Frisbee every Friday night

It’s a competitive spike ball game

It’s boating on a Saturday

It’s worship at church on Sunday morning

It’s playing roller hockey anytime

It’s the midnight game of risk

It’s a cool summer breeze when you get into bed

It’s a last-minute beach trip

It’s a freshly mowed lawn

It’s a family movie night

It’s singing alone in the car

It’s a long day’s work

It’s riding bike with your sisters

It’s eating fresh fruit off a tree

It’s potatoes and salad for Sunday lunch

It’s that day your item arrives from amazon

It’s a campfire night with the youth group