A Pretty Girl

Walking down the hallway in High School is one of the most terrifying seconds of my life. Everyone is looking at you dead in the face judging your every move. She doesn’t care. She lets her beautiful black hair down, and wears no makeup everyday. Her green eyes remind me of emeralds. Her freckles look like stars scattered across her delicate face. She isn’t skinny but she isn’t fat either. She has a chubby stomach but she doesn’t care. Her voice is as gentle as an angel. She wears her heart on her sleeve, and cares about others more than she will ever care for herself. I admire her wisdom, and strength to go her own way when she needs to.

Life Is Beautiful



Life Is Beautiful

Olivia Weaver


Mr. Hardin

Creative Writing


It’s a gloomy fall day

It’s the howls on Halloween night

It’s the feeling when your high school football team scores a winning touchdown

It’s a beautiful wedding

It’s a chill song

It’s the feeling of the ocean breeze on my skin when I walk on the boardwalk

It’s the feeling of guitar strings on my fingertips

It’s a walk on the beach

It’s the feeling of a thrilling ride at an amusement park

It’s the lyrics of a new song

It’s a kiss every Christmas from my grandmother

It’s a warm embrace from a friend

It’s a prayer before bed

Its sacrifices for the better good

Its hope

Its love

Its happiness