Paint Sink

As my sister was beginning to learn how to paint, she tried to create her own cotton candy filled sky. As she was mixing her own paint to combine it with water, she shrieked out in anger, as she dropped the paint into the sink, making a complete mess, staining the sink with many colors. She began to sigh, as if she has already given up on her project. I began to think of how I could help her strive in the current situation. I saw how smooth the paint looked as it sunk down the drain, it made me realize how cool a splatter would look. I taught her how a simple flick of the brush could create such an affect. The vibrant colors of the paint stuck to the white sink like glue.

Life is Beautiful

Life is beautiful

It’s Saturdays are for the boys

It’s Campfire nights

It’s Late night swims

It’s nights spent away from home

It’s Friday Night Football

It’s Late Night driving

It’s Unplanned Beach trips

It’s Lake House vacations

It’s Swimming with my puppy

It’s Brotherhood

It’s Fishing with my brother

It’s A late night Sheetz run

It’s Driving with music blasting

It’s Racing on weekends

It’s a night around the fire