abstract to concrete

A beautiful scene- Our heads bobbled as we drove our car through the patchy grass field. we stopped the car and looked around at the calming scenery, we then opened our doors and stepped out into the knee high wild flowers that engulfed us from all directions. We both knew we were lost but at that moment we knew it was exactly where we wanted to be. I gazed into her eyes, rain-bowed with reflections of pink sky and flowers. The sun was setting just below the mountain tops in the distance as it filled the sky with cotton candy. my arm was around her shoulder as we leaned against the side of my beat-up  car and watched the sunset melt away.

life is beautiful

Jake Shupe

Life is beautiful

It’s the Saturdays for the boys

It’s the cool breeze on a hot summer day

It’s the dew on the wet morning grass

It’s the nicknames for your closest friends

It’s the pain in your chest from laughing so hard

It’s the smiles on friends faces

It’s the home cooked meals

It’s the long road trips

It’s the goosebumps from good music

It’s the jokes you only tell your friends

It’s the singing in the car to your favorite song

It’s the ping of a soccer ball off the post

It’s the warm rays of sun on your skin

It’s roar of a sportscar’s engine

It’s the raindrops hitting leaves on a calm rainy day