The Beautiful Ocean

The waves are gently skipping through the shore, greeting the sand with a warm hello.  The cozy sun is slowly fading away behind the horizon. Soon nighttime will appear from above covering the sky like a blanket. The sky is a soft red tone complementing the sun. The ocean is sprinkled with little crystals that glistens in the water. On the shore, there is a lonely wooden dock that seems lifeless like a dried up rose. The wood has been chipped away over the years. Next to the dock light bulbs are hanged up. That is the only thing that keeps the night going. I stand by the dock admiring the view. The sand tickles my feet, as I walk closer to the shore. The seagulls are scattering the beach like a pack of wolves. They scavenge for food as hyenas. The shells wash up on the shore, sleeping on the sand silently. The waves soothes the beach with its low melody. The day is finished closing the scene, and welcoming night as it takes the stage.

“Life is Beautiful” By Diego Martinez

It’s a Saturday morning with my uncle

It’s camping on a weekend with your

friends and family

It’s a day on the beach with your best friend

It’s a relaxing hike up in the woods

It’s a good homemade meal from mom

It’s a game of soccer on a Sunday evening

It’s hot chocolate on a cold day

It’s a flower blooming on spring

It’s my grandfather’s antique clock

It’s my first painting

It’s Ice-cold water on a hot day

It’s having adventures with your friend

It’s correctly guessing something when you had no idea

It’s a collection of old paint brushes

It’s family gatherings on big holidays

It’s an organized bedroom

It’s mastering a new skill

It’s finishing other people’s sentence

It’s finding money you didn’t know you had