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Number 4


Suzuki 230

When I was younger I absolutely loved riding four-wheeler all around my house. It was all I ever wanted to do. One day my dad asked me around the dinner table if I wanted to go with him and a couple other riding. I was so happy I ran around as fast as I could as though I was a mouse running from a cat. Then the day finally came. It was enjoyable other than bouncing on rocks all day long.  After a couple hours of riding even a bumpy four-wheeler ride can make you feel like resting. I slowly clonked out up against my dad’s back, and woke up later to find my dad jumping off the four-wheeler while leaving me on it in the middle of a big puddle. I was calling out to my dad, “dad, dad!” until he explained what was happening. Them my dad tied a rope to another four-wheeler and told me to hang on. The first few feet were intense. I turned the wheels straight as they pushed through the mud. Eventually I was rescued. I gave my dad a big hug to resemble my gratitude. It was all worth it.

“Life is Beautiful” By Connor Horst


jpg 3216x1822 Pond hockey backgrounds






It’s a nice frozen pond


It’s a warm summer day

It’s pancakes on the weekend

It’s Frisbee every Friday night

It’s a competitive spike ball game

It’s boating on a Saturday

It’s worship at church on Sunday morning

It’s playing roller hockey anytime

It’s the midnight game of risk

It’s a cool summer breeze when you get into bed

It’s a last-minute beach trip

It’s a freshly mowed lawn

It’s a family movie night

It’s singing alone in the car

It’s a long day’s work

It’s riding bike with your sisters

It’s eating fresh fruit off a tree

It’s potatoes and salad for Sunday lunch

It’s that day your item arrives from amazon

It’s a campfire night with the youth group