I don’t care enough to name this

The decrepit walls of the abandoned warehouse showed signs of recent abuse; likely just the passing druggie vagabonds. The dark green vines on the wall created a bit of spotty shade from the tainted windows above. Nonetheless, this was the only shelter available to me on this dark stormy night. As I settle down against the chipped red-brick wall, I look around at the run-down warehouse. The logo on the wall seems to depict a food-distributor, but I can’t tell what the name of the company was. It’s blackened by soot, as if someone had lit a fire inside of the warehouse. I slowly close my eyes, and prepare for a long night of uncomfortable and cramped sleep.

Life is Beautiful EG

It’s a dank 27 and 5 game with the Thomson in CoD WW2,

It’s an Orbit SCUF controller in my hands,

It’s a long day getting cold smoothies with Colleen,

It’s a hot summer day at Mt. Gretna,

It’s working so I can buy a new laptop,

It’s going to funny movies with my friends,

It’s enjoying a nice YouTube video in my cool basement,

It’s eating Sweet and Sour Boneless Wings at Joe’s,

It’s sweet tea on a humid July day,

It’s doing sick doughnuts in vacant lots,

It’s seeing my cousins when they visit from Georgia on Winter Break,

It’s listening to NWA while playing Shadow of Mordor,

It’s a cold snow day and a warm fire while not thinking about the 5 page ACS paper I have due,

It’s a lit PlayStation Party with my fam,

It’s debugging a 5000+ line Battleship program for Computer Programming,

It’s creating random characters on my free time at work,

It’s going to GameStop after a long day at school,

It’s playing my Gibson Les Paul Studio on a rainy day,

It’s staying up till midnight grinding Black Ops 3,

It’s slacking off on homework in favor of doing absolutely nothing.