Love Letter

Dear 1995 GMC I am in such love with you, thank you for being in my life I love all the things about you. I love your tinted windows, brush guard, your radio, the Chevy rims that don’t belong on you, all my stickers I put on you. You were always there for me when I got mad you would just listen to what I had say. You have always kept me safe when I was driving.  I also remember our first time going off roading you got so many dents and scratches and you just shook it off that’s the best feature I love about you. I also forgot to say I enjoy using the led color changing lights that you have at night. You also have made a lasting impact on my friends and i enjoy seeing that they care about my truck as much as I do. I also love how you never let me stuck alongside the road.

Life is Beautiful


Life is Beautiful  By Brian Beck

It’s my grandfather’s gun

It’s a starry night

It’s an old dented truck

It’s a horror movie in the night

And its paintball on a Friday night

It’s a firework display on the fourth of July

It’s the soldiers that keep safe us free

It’s hanging out with friends

And it’s playing loud music

It’s driving around for fun

It’s a pair of cowboy boots

It’s tons of ideas

It’s having your family’s back

It’s a big bonfire

It’s a big farm tractor in a field