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I’ve been to a lot of concerts before this one so it’s nothing new to me, but I can tell it’s going to be my favorite one yet.  I’m seeing my favorite band, Neck Deep, for the first time.  I’ve been listening to this band for years but I’ve never had the chance to see them live.  I love most of their songs and I really connect to their lyrics.  During the concert, me and my friend ended up being second row which was cool and I was happy about that.  The crowd was great, they were all helping each other and nothing went wrong the entire show.  My favorite part about any concert I go to is always seeing an entire roomful of people all having a good time.  We’re all sharing the same yet different experience at the same time.  Sometimes there are fans crying when a certain song comes on. I don’t know why they’re crying, maybe it’s because they love that song or that song makes them sad or that song is just special to them and they feel overwhelmed.  I just always thought it was amazing how people can be so connected to a band and their music and that they have the opportunity to experience their favorite songs live.

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  1. This needs more CONCRETE IMAGERY (that was the focus) …show us the crowd “helping each other” —what does that mean—maybe “Guys with mohawks pulled young punks from the chaos of the mosh pit, bodies flying everywhere”….or something

    Describe the band’s noise, the atmosphere….

    you were supposed to underline concrete details.

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