Concrete imaginary

The room dark but a open door and window let some light in. I was among friends playing cards on a grey shanty table. But even among friends I had an uneasy feeling as if something was watching me from the darkness. For some unknown reason, I got up and started running out (perhaps this was a primal instinct to run away from danger) and the next thing I knew I was in a tunnel That was dimly lit up by oil lamps and kept on changing. One moment it was a dug-out dirt tunnel and held up with wooden beams and the next I was in a dark old stone tunnel. I saw 3 lights that glistened red in pitch black darkness in one of these tunnels. They eerily rotated and I felt as if eyes staring me down. These lights Shot right through me and petrified me. It gave a weird feeling of something watching its prey before it eats it. Before I knew it I was forcibly woken up by my conscience in my bed. I sat there sweating fore head down trying to collect the weird mash of a dream this was. Like most dreams this one made no sense, but one that did make sense was the weird sensation that felt like something was behind me.

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