Concrete Imagery

The buses with the scarring color yellow I’ve dreaded for the past 11 years that make my eyes crumble.

The leaves on the trees trying to decide what their complexion is, messing with the August lovers.

The blue benches that are abandoned until the end of the school year, empty like a broken heart.

The forgotten ruby red do not enter signs.

The accumulation of vehicles waiting desperately for the bell to ring.

The parking lot that goes from deserted to grand central station every morning and evening.

The towering trees shedding their appearance every season into the latest trend.

Every color of the rainbow you can imagine out in the parking lot, every car diverse in its own unique way.

The parents with unimaginable apparel that come to break their kids out for doctor appointments.

The teachers with their heels that echo in the distance as they walk on the empty pavement.

4 thoughts on “Concrete Imagery

  1. I really like how you expanded this …lots of good details… although “unimaginable apparel” is still abstract….how can you describe so that the reader can SEE.?

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