Anastasia Mercer

I’m sitting at a fancy table with a white cotton tablecloth draped over the sides. There are multiple different forks next to my shiny glass plate and a wine glass right at the top of my table setting. The lights are dimmed slightly with a golden glow coming from the chandelier hanging from the ceiling. There is a stage in front of us all where there is a black grand piano and a set of drums and a man playing a saxophone. Over the slight chatter in the room, you can hear the music playing from all these instruments. People are smiling and watching the musicians with awe. Everybody wearing an evening gown or an expensive tux. Women wearing shiny earrings that hang from their ears and almost to their shoulders with their hair in up-dos that probably took hours to do. Wearing dark red lipstick sitting next to their husbands who are smiling and sitting with them with their hands in their wives’ laps. People are just enjoying the music until their food comes out.This image requires alt text, but the alt text is currently blank. Either add alt text or mark the image as decorative.

4 thoughts on “Anastasia Mercer

  1. I liked your story. Your use of imagery is great it helps me create a clear picture in my head of what the setting and scene is like.

  2. You have the start of good imagery, and I feel you could improve it by being more specific.
    For instance, “there are multiple different forks next to my shiny glass plate” …..could be “three silver forks, differing in size, align perfectly next to the beautifully engraved , ivory plates”

    Same with “evening gown” or “expensive tux” …maybe “the women wear gowns of silk– purple and reds dominate, while the most of the gentleman don stubby black ties and crisp jackets.””…. or something like that (it’s your scene)


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