Life is Beautiful – Tia Mueller

Life is Beautiful

It’s playing lacrosse

It’s my CD collection

It’s going out for breakfast with a group of friends

It’s the family cabin

It’s a good book

It’s the leaves changing colors

It’s a rainy day

It’s watching the sunrise and sunset

It’s the music that helps me through my day

It’s the short moments that my brother is home

It’s sunflowers and bumble bees

It’s Halloween decorations

It’s the laughs I share with my friends

It’s admiring art

It’s feeling the most at home when I’m in Delaware

It’s going to a concert

It’s being in the city

It’s those late-night calls

It’s the idea of travelling and going anywhere

It’s making memories

5 thoughts on “Life is Beautiful – Tia Mueller

  1. I really liked how much this showed your personality and portrayed your life. We have a lot in common, sometimes I put headphones in to help me through the day too.

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