Life is Beautiful – Rachel Hungerford

It’s independence

It’s a cup of tea when it storms

It’s reading a good book and getting lost in the story

It’s deep conversations about things that matter

It’s discovering a new thing to be passionate about

It’s sitting back and really enjoying a dramatic performance

It’s a mellow, scented candle

It’s morning rain and smooth jazz

It’s finding ancient words in old writings

It’s the feeling of peace when you’re in a church sanctuary

It’s finding art that perfectly describes a memory or feeling or situation

It’s realizing a subconscious truth about life

It’s fairy lights with a soft glow

It’s wearing your favorite outfit and getting your makeup right on the first try and looking your best

It’s singing through a powerful song from start to finish and feeling clean afterwards

It’s eating a good meal after being properly hungry and having the food taste great

It’s being organized and finding the exact thing you need

It’s an oversized sweater when it’s chilly out

It’s writing late at night when inspiration hits and crafting something you’re happy with

It’s knowing that time passes, even if life is awful right now


2 thoughts on “Life is Beautiful – Rachel Hungerford

  1. I really liked when you said, “it’s deep conversations about things that matter”. Some of the things you wrote were things I didn’t think of, I liked how you looked outside the box.

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