Life is Beautiful by Rachel Hooley



It’s my dad making breakfast on Sunday morning

It’s singing in the shower

It’s watching my cat play with a laser

It’s playing Mario kart with my brother

It’s painting my nails with my cousin Sara

It’s singing in the car with my dad

It’s getting new cheer shoes

It’s watching the Rugrats with my brother

It’s going to IHOP at 5pm with Zack

It’s hearing my dad sing on Saturday afternoons

It’s going to a flower shop

It’s leaving work early

It’s hearing the rain on a tin roof

It’s hearing Justin learn how to play guitar

It’s looking for shooting stars with Blayne

It’s hearing my dad chuckle to a Harry Chapin song

It’s watching a Ferris wheel light up

It’s seeing dandelions bloom into wish flowers

It’s watching 18 years go by in a blink of an eye


2 thoughts on “Life is Beautiful by Rachel Hooley

  1. I like how your last line can relate to anyone. When I look back to when I was in 5th grade I feel like it was just a year ago.

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