Life Is Beautiful by Katie Myers

It’s that cracked Pearl Jam cassette tape.

It’s that shabby stereo

It’s those firefly snatching star filled evenings

It’s that squeaky porch swing

It’s that unhinged look

It’s that rigid wooden rocking chair

It’s those midnight drawing sessions

It’s the SpongeBob filled afternoons after school

It’s the stickers received after the daily blood drawing and shots

It’s the multitudinous thrift shop trips

It’s the sweat from the lengthy night runs

It’s the R.E.M. lip syncing in the bathroom

It’s the relaxing rainy forecast

It’s the constant loss of numerous earbuds

It’s the canned pears with sprinkles

It’s losing checkers to grandpa every time

It’s Doris’s Elvis obsession

It’s the clothes hanger “guitar” jam sessions

It’s the 80’s throwback Thursdays in the mini van

It’s the broken family I’m thankful for.


5 thoughts on “Life Is Beautiful by Katie Myers

  1. I love all the imagery that is in this poem. It really gives you an image in your head that appears to your different senses.

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